65G-5.011. Termination of Provider Certification.  

Effective on Wednesday, January 18, 1995
  • 1(1) If a provider fails to fully correct continuing deficits as identified in Rule 1565G-5.013, 16F.A.C., within 30 calendar days after notice, the area office shall terminate the provider’s certification.

    31(2) If a provider fails to respond to a notice of suspension issued according to Rule 4765G-5.010, 48F.A.C., the provider’s certification shall be terminated.

    55(3) If, following a provider’s timely response to a notice of suspension issued according to Rule 7165G-5.010, 72F.A.C., the area  office continues to believe in good faith that the reason for the provider’s suspension is valid, the provider’s certification shall be terminated.

    97(4) The area office shall notify the provider of the proposed termination of the provider’s certification in writing by certified mail and shall provide a copy to the Agency’s central office. The written notice shall include the reason for termination and a statement of the provider’s right to an administrative hearing in accordance with Chapter 120, F.S., provided the hearing is requested within twenty calendar days. The termination shall be effective on the 21st day after issuance of the notice unless a hearing is requested.

    182(5) Any provider who voluntarily wishes to terminate certification shall notify the area office in writing at least 30 calendar days prior to the anticipated termination date. Within three working days of receipt, the area office shall send a copy of the provider’s termination notice to the Agency’s central office.

    232(6) Individuals receiving supported living services from a provider whose certification is suspended or pending termination shall be notified of the pending change. They shall be advised of their right to continue receiving services from another certified provider and shall be assisted in the selection of a new provider.

    281(7) The agency shall maintain a list of providers willing to temporarily provide services to the individuals of providers whose certifications are suspended or terminated.

    306Rulemaking Authority 308393.501(1) FS. 310Law Implemented 312393.063(45), 313393.066, 314393.0655 FS. 316History–New 1-18-95, Formerly 10F-11.013, 65B-11.013.