65G-7.002. Authorization for Medication Administration and Informed Consent Requirement  

Effective on Monday, July 1, 2019
  • 1(1) An Agency client’s need for assistance with medication administration or ability to self-administer medication without supervision must be documented by the client’s physician, PA, or APRN on an “31Authorization for Medication Administration,35” APD Form 3865G-7.002 39A, effective April 2019, incorporated here by reference, which may be obtained at 52http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-1058754.

    55(a) The client’s current Authorization Form must be maintained in the client’s current place of residence, with a copy of the form in the client’s record. The WSC is responsible for assuring that all providers that assist a client with medications have an up-to-date copy of the Authorization.

    103(b) The Authorization 106Form 107must be reviewed and updated by the client’s physician, PA, or APRN at least annually and upon any change in the client’s medical condition or self-sufficiency that would affect the client’s ability to self-administer medication or tolerate particular administration routes. Any provider who accompanies a client to a medical professional when a change to the Authorization Form is made is responsible for notifying the WSC of any new Authorization Form.

    177(2) In addition to an executed Authorization for Medication Administration Form and before providing a client with medication assistance, an unlicensed provider must also obtain from the client or the client’s legal representative a signed “Informed Consent for Medication Administration” APD Form 21965G-7.002 220B, effective December 2018, incorporated herein by reference, which may be obtained at 233http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-10588235.

    236(a) The Informed Consent for Medication Administration must be updated annually or at any point when there is any change in the client’s residential facility provider or other provider agency.

    266(b) The current Informed Consent for Medication Administration must be maintained in each location or facility in which the client is receiving supervision of self-administration of medication or administration of medication. A copy of each provider’s Informed Consent for Medication Administration must also be in the client’s record.

    314(c) The MAP may not act as the client’s health care surrogate or proxy or sign the Informed Consent for Medication Administration referenced above. Providers or other facility staff may witness the execution of the form by the client.

    353(3) A MAP shall limit his or her assistance to the minimum necessary to ensure proper administration or supervised self-administration of the medication while preserving the client’s independence.

    381(4) The requirements of this Chapter do not apply to the following:

    393(a) Health care practitioners whose professional licenses include administration of medication, except all health care practitioners who provide medication assistance to Agency clients must ensure the medication administration related documentation requirements attached to Agency clients are maintained pursuant to this chapter to ensure the safety and welfare of the clients. This includes the use of the following forms in cases where the client is served by both MAPs and licensed health care practitioners:

    4661. The Authorization for Medication Administration, pursuant to subsection (1);

    4762. A medication administration record to document any medications given as instructed in rule 49065G-7.008, 491F.A.C. The health care practitioner may utilize the Medication Administration Record Form, APD Form 50565G-7.008 506A, as adopted in rule 51165G-7.008, 512F.A.C.;

    5133. The Off-Site Medication Form, APD Form 52065G-7.009 521A, as adopted in rule 52665G-7.009, 527F.A.C.; 

    5284. The Medication Destruction Record, APD Form 53565G-7.007 536A, as adopted in rule 54165G-7.007, 542F.A.C.;

    5435. The Medication Error Report, APD Form 55065G-7.006 551A, as adopted in rule 55665G-7.006, 557F.A.C.;

    5586. The Controlled Medication Count Form, APD Form 56665G-7.007 567B, adopted in rule 57165G-7.007, 572F.A.C.;

    573(b) Client family members or friends who provide medication assistance without compensation, as permitted by section 589464.022(1), F.S.;

    591(c) Providers employed by or under contract with State Medicaid intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled, regulated through chapter 400, part VIII, F.S., providers employed by or under contract with licensed home health agencies regulated (except as referenced in paragraph (a), above) under chapter 400, Part III, hospices (except as referenced in paragraph (a), above) regulated under chapter 400, part IV, health care service pools (except as referenced in paragraph (a), above) regulated through chapter 400, part IX, F.S., or providers employed by or under contract with assisted living facilities regulated through chapter 429, part I, F.S.; and

    690(d) Clients authorized to self-administer medication without assistance or supervision as described in rule 65G-7.0025, F.A.C., except as pertains to storage of medications as outlined in rule 71765G-7.007, 718F.A.C.

    719Rulemaking 720Authority 721393.501, 722393.506 FS. 724Law 725i726mplemented 727393.506 FS. 729History–New 3-30-08, Amended 7-1-19.