65G-7.009. Off-site Medication Administration  

Effective on Monday, July 1, 2019
  • 1(1) If a client who has his or her medications administered to him or her or who is supervised with self-administration of medication will be away from a licensed residential facility or supported living home and requires assistance with medications during that time by persons other than the MAP or licensed health care practitioner, the MAP or licensed health care practitioner must comply with the following requirements to assure that the client has appropriate medications during his or her absence:

    81(a) Provide an adequate amount of medication for administration of all dosages the client will require while away;

    99(b) Perform a count of the medication amounts provided to the client for administration during the absence and a second count of the medication amounts received upon the client’s return;

    129(c) Record both medication counts in an “Off-site Medication Form,” APD Form 14265G-7.009 143A, effective April 2019, incorporated herein by reference, which may be obtained at 156http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-10602158. The MAP or licensed health care practitioner shall not use an alternative Off-Site Medication Form. The MAP or licensed health care practitioner must retain a copy of the original form and send a copy with the client and the responsible person200.

    201(2) Medication may not be transferred from its original container to a pill organizer or be otherwise co-mingled outside of its original container unless the client’s primary care provider determines that the client is able to self-administer medication without supervision; in that case, only the client, the client’s family member or family member surrogate, a natural support, or a legal representative may transfer the medications from the original container. The MAP may not supervise, monitor, prompt, assist or cue any client to correctly fill a pill organizer (also known as a “pill minder” or “pill box”).

    297(3) The MAP or licensed health care practitioner must provide the name and telephone number of a contact person and the name and telephone number of the client’s prescribing practitioner to the person who will assist the client with medication administration while the client is off-site, for use in the event that there are questions or adverse reactions.

    355Rulemaking 356Authority 357393.501, 358393.506 FS. 360Law Implemented 362393.506 FS. 364History–New 3-30-08, Amended 7-1-19.