66B-1.004. Policy  

Effective on Tuesday, February 17, 2015
  • 1The following constitutes the policy of the District regarding the administration of the program.

    15(1) Financial Assistance Eligibility: Eligible federal, state and regional agencies may be provided financial assistance, support or cooperation in planning, acquisition, development, construction, reconstruction, extension, improvement, operation or the maintenance of public navigation, 48local and regional anchorage management, beach nourishment, 55public recreation, inlet management, environmental education, maritime management plans, and boating safety projects directly related to the waterways. Eligible projects shall include 77the acquisition and development of 82public boat ramps, launching facilities, and public boat docking and mooring facilities, including those in man-made, navigable waterways contiguous to “waterways” as defined in Rule 10766B-1.003, 108F.A.C.

    109(2) Notification: The District will notify, by direct mail, email and/or advertised public notice, all eligible state agencies of the program and the upcoming authorized submission period.

    136(3) Project Approval: Approval of projects by the District shall be in accordance with these rules.

    152(4) Project Accessibility: Facilities or programs funded in whole or in part by program funds shall be made available to the general public of all of the member counties on a non-exclusive basis without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex or similar condition. Additionally, facilities funded in whole or in part by program funds, shall not require a paid membership for the general public of all of the member counties as a condition to use the facilities. User or entrance fees may be charged for the use of facilities funded in whole or in part by program funds, however such fees shall be reasonable and shall be the same for the general public of all of the member counties.

    272(5) Waterway Impacts: All development projects must be designed so as not to impact navigation along the District’s waterways through the placement of structures, attendant uses, or the necessity of a boating speed zone for safety purposes. Before applying for boating speed zone designation in District waterways because of a project funded by this program, the sponsor shall first receive approval from the Board. The Board will use the criteria found in Section 345327.46(1), F.S., 347in determining whether to approve the proposed boating speed zone.

    357(6) Project Maintenance: The project sponsor shall be responsible for the operation, maintenance, and management of the project for the anticipated life of the project and shall be responsible for all expenses required for such purposes. The project shall be maintained in accordance with the standards of maintenance for other similar local facilities and in accordance with applicable health standards. Project facilities and improvements shall be kept reasonably safe and in reasonable repair to prevent undue deterioration and to encourage public use. The project sponsor shall have full legal authority and financial ability to operate and maintain the project facilities.

    457(7) Education Facilities and Programs: Waterways related environmental education facilities and programs sponsored by the District shall occur at specially designated environmental education facilities located adjacent and contiguous to the waterways. It is the District’s intent to consolidate its environmental education efforts in the least number of facilities within an area that will adequately serve the education needs of that area of the District.

    521(8) Public Information Availability: Public information produced with assistance from this program shall not be copyrighted and shall be provided free of cost, except for the cost of reproduction, to the public.

    553(9) Third-Party Project Operators: Projects that are being operated by a third party shall have sufficient oversight by the eligible project sponsor as determined by the Board. Such oversight at a minimum will include a project liaison that is a staff member of the eligible project sponsor, and oversight of the operating hours and admission fees of the facility by the eligible project sponsor through a legal agreement. All third party projects shall be open to the public in accordance with this rule.

    636(10) Non-compliance: The District shall terminate a project agreement and demand return of program funds disbursed to the project sponsor for non-compliance with any of the terms of the project agreement or this rule, if such non-compliance calls into question the ability of the applicant to complete the project. Failure of a project sponsor to comply with the provisions of this rule or the project agreement shall result in the District declaring the project sponsor ineligible for further participation in the program until such time as compliance has been met to the satisfaction of the District.

    732(11) Fees: Any public project eligible for District program funds that charges a fee or will charge a fee must create and maintain an enterprise fund for the public project that shall plan for and retain at all times sufficient funds for the on-going maintenance of the facility during its project life. Accounting records of the previous five years of the public project’s enterprise fund will be submitted as part of any subsequent assistance program application to the District811.

    812Rulemaking Authority 814374.976(2) FS. 816Law Implemented 818374.976(1), 819(2) FS. History–New 12-17-90, Amended 2-6-97, Formerly 16T-1.004, Amended 5-17-98, 3-31-99, 3-5-00, 3-21-01, 7-30-02, 3-3-04, 4-21-05, 4-1-09, 3-7-11, 3-7-12, 1-27-14, 2-17-15.


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