66B-1.008. Project Eligibility  

Effective on Sunday, February 21, 2016
  • 1(1) Eligible Projects: Financial assistance and support through this program shall be used to plan or carry out public navigation 21and anchorage management, 24public recreation, environmental education, boating safety, 30acquisition and development of spoil sites and publicly owned commercial/industrial waterway access directly related to the waterways, acquisition and development of public boat ramps, launching facilities and boat docking and mooring facilities, 62and inlet management, maritime management planning, 68environmental mitigation and beach renourishment 73directly related to the waterways.

    78(a) Program funds may be used for projects such as acquisition planning, development, construction, reconstruction, extension or improvement, of the following for public use on land and water:

    1061. Public navigation channel dredging;

    1112. Public navigation aids and markers;

    1173. Inlet management projects that are a benefit to public navigation in the District;

    1314. Public shoreline stabilization 135directly benefiting the District’s waterway channels;

    1415. 142Acquisition and development of publicly owned 148spoil disposal site 151and public commercial/industrial waterway access;

    1566. Waterway signs and buoys for safety, regulation or information;

    1667. 167Acquisition, dredging, shoreline stabilization and development of 174public boat ramps and launching facilities;

    1808. 181Acquisition, dredging, shoreline stabilization and development of 188public boat docking and mooring facilities;

    1949. Derelict Vessel Removal;

    19810. Waterways related environmental education programs and facilities;

    20611. Public fishing and viewing piers;

    21212. Public waterfront parks and boardwalks 218and associated improvements;

    22113. Maritime Managmement Planning;

    22514. Waterways boating safety programs and equipment;

    23215. Beach renourishment on beaches adversely impacted by navigation inlets, navigation structures, navigation dredging, or a navigation project; and,

    25116. Environmental restoration, enhancement or mitigation projects; and,

    25917. Other waterway related projects. Navigation projects that do not meet specific criteria in subsection 27466B-1.005(6), 275F.A.C., but are located on eligible waterways shall be considered for funding under the priority listing of “other waterway related project” and eligible for 25% funding.

    301(b) Ineligible Projects or Project Elements: Project costs ineligible for program funding or matching funds will include: contingencies, miscellaneous, reoccurring personnel related costs, land acquisition that is not for additional trailer parking at an existing boat ramp, irrigation equipment, ball-courts, park and playground equipment, and any extraneous recreational amenities not directly related to the waterway such as the following:

    3601. Landscaping that does not provide shoreline stabilization or aquatic habitat;

    3712. Restrooms for non-waterway users;

    3763. Roadways providing access to non-waterway users;

    3834. Parking areas for non-waterway users;

    3895. Utilities for non-waterway related facilities;

    3956. Lighting for non-waterway related facilities;

    4017. Project maintenance and maintenance equipment;

    4078. Picnic shelters and furniture for non-waterway related facilities;

    4169. Vehicles to transport vessels;

    42110. Operational items such as fuel, oil, etc.;

    42911. Office space that is not incidental and necessary to the operation of the main eligible public building;

    44712. Conceptual project planning, including: cost-benefit analysis, public surveys, opinion polls, public meetings, and organizational conferences; and,

    46413. Inlet maintenance.

    467(c) Project Elements with Eligibility Limits: Subject to approval by the Board of an itemized expense list:

    4841. The following project costs will be eligible for program funding or as matching funding if they are performed by an independent contractor:

    507a. Project management, administration and inspection;

    513b. Design, permitting, planning, engineering or surveying costs for completed construction project;

    525c. Restoration of sites disturbed during the construction of an approved project; and,

    538d. Equipment costs.

    541Before reimbursement is made by the District on any of the costs listed in subparagraph 1. above, a construction contract for the project approved and executed by the project sponsor and project contractor must be submitted to the District.

    5802. Marine fire-fighting, Marine law enforcement and other vessels are eligible for a maximum of $60,000 in initial District funding. All future replacement and maintenance costs of the vessel and related equipment will be the responsibility of the applicant.

    6203. Waterway related environmental education facility funding will be limited to those project elements directly related to the District’s waterways.

    640(d) Phasing of Projects: Applications for eligible waterway projects may be submitted as a phased project where Phase I will include the design, engineering and permitting elements and Phase II will include the construction of the project. A description and cost estimate of the Phase II work shall be submitted along with the Phase I application for Board review.

    699(2) Property Control: The site of a new proposed land-based development project shall be dedicated for the public use for which the project was intended for a minimum period of 25 years after project completion. Such dedication shall be in the form of a deed, lease, management agreement or other legally binding document and shall be recorded in the public property records of the county in which the property is located. This property control requirement also applies to a project site owned by another governmental entity. The governmental entity that owns the project site may be joined as a co-applicant to meet this property control requirement. Existing land based development projects that are being repaired, replaced or modified must demonstrate that the project site has been dedicated for public use for at least 25 years with at least 10 years remaining on the dedication document. Property shall also be deemed dedicated for public use if:

    854(a) The property has been designated for the use for which the project is intended (even though there may have been no formal dedication) in a plat or map recorded prior to 1940, or

    888(b) The project sponsor demonstrates that it has had exclusive control over the property for the public use for which the project is intended for a period of at least 30 years prior to submission of the application, or

    927(c) There is no ongoing litigation challenging the designated use of the property as shown on the plat or map, nor has there been any judicial determination contrary to the use by the public for the use shown on the plat or map.

    970(3) Permits: The project sponsor is responsible for obtaining and abiding by any and all federal, state and local permits, laws, proprietary authorizations and regulations in the development and operation of the project. 1003Applicants for construction projects that include elements that require state or federal environmental permits or proprietary authorizations will demonstrate that all required environmental permitting and authorizations will be completed by the District's final TRIM hearing. This demonstration will be by submission of the required environmental permit(s) and authorizations, or by submission of a letter from the agency(s) stating that a permit or authorization is not required. Should the environmental permitting element of an application that has construction elements requiring state or federal environmental permits or authorizations not be completed by the District’s final TRIM hearing, the construction portion of the project will not be considered for funding. Whereby funding decisions are completed at the final TRIM hearing, the District will not deviate from the funding schedule to accommodate any application deficiency.

    1134(4) Public Marina Qualifications: All public marina projects funded through this program shall include sewage pumpout facilities for vessels, unless the applicant can demonstrate that inclusion of such a facility is physically, operationally or economically impracticable. All public marina projects funded through this program shall have at least ten percent (10%) of their slips or mooring areas available for transient vessels. 1195Public marina dockage rates shall be within market comparison of the dockage rates of other area marinas. 1212The public marina will be required to establish and maintain an accounting of the funds for the facility and shall plan for and retain at all times sufficient funds for the on-going maintenance of the facility during its project life. 1252Certification that revenues generated by a marina facility are exclusively allocated to the operation, maintenance and improvement of the public marine facility will be required to be submitted with the application and, if approved, thereafter on an annual basis using form No. FIND 03-01 (effective date 3-3-04), hereby incorporated by reference and available from the District office.

    1309(5) The District may assist eligible governments with efforts to prepare and implement a comprehensive maritime management plan. The plan shall be utilized by the eligible government to promote and maximize the public benefit and enjoyment of eligible waterways, while identifying and prioritizing the waterway access needs of the community. The plan should not duplicate any existing or ongoing efforts for the same waterway or water shed, nor shall the District participate in any effort that does not address the basic maritime needs of the community.

    1395(a) Existing plans may be updated at reasonable intervals or amended to include waterway areas previously not included in the original effort. Public, government, environmental, industry and other pertinent interest groups shall be solicited and included for input in the planning process.

    1437(b) The plan shall be utilized as a tool to provide a minimum 5-year planning analysis and forecast for the maritime needs of the community, and shall include, at minimum, the following:

    14691. Public boat ramp and ramp parking inventory and analysis.

    14792. Public mooring and docking facility analysis, including day docks and transient slips.

    14923. Commercial and working waterfront identification and needs analysis.

    15014. The identification, location, condition and analysis of existing and potential navigation channels.

    15145. An inventory and assessment of accessible public shorelines.

    15236. Public waterway transportation needs.

    15287. Environmental conditions that affect boat facility siting, a current resource inventory survey, and restoration opportunities.

    15448. Economic conditions affecting the boating community and boating facilities.

    15549. Acknowledgment and coordination with existing data and information, including an emphasis on the Intracoastal Waterway.

    1570(c) Projects requested for assistance program funding shall be consistent with the applicant’s maritime management plan. The applicant should utilize the plan to assist in prioritizing waterway improvement projects.

    1599(6) All eligible environmental 1603restoration, enhancement or mitigation projects as well as the environmental restoration, enhancement or mitigation components of other types of projects 1623shall be required to pursue and assign any available mitigation credits to the District for that share of the project funded through the District’s Assistance Program. All eligible environmental restoration, enhancement or mitigation projects shall provide public access where possible.

    1663(7) Final Decisions: The Board will make all final decisions on the eligibility of a project or specific project costs.

    1683Rulemaking Authority 1685374.976(2) FS. 1687Law Implemented 1689374.976(1)-1690(3) FS. History–New 12-17-90, Amended 2-6-97, Formerly 16T-1.008, Amended 5-17-98, 3-31-99, 3-5-00, 3-21-01, 7-30-02, 3-20-03, 3-3-04, 4-15-07, 3-25-08, 4-1-09, 2-22-10, 3-7-11, 3-7-12, 1-27-14, 2-17-15, 2-21-16.


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