67-21.001. Purpose and Intent  

Effective on Thursday, July 11, 2019
  • 1The purpose of this rule chapter is to establish the procedures by which the Corporation shall:

    17(1) Administer the Application process, determine loan amount and make and service mortgage loans for new construction or rehabilitation of affordable rental units under the Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bonds (MMRB) Program authorized by section 51420.509, F.S.; 53and,

    54(2) Administer the Application process, determine Non-Competitive Housing Credit amounts, and implement the provisions of the Housing Credit (HC) Program authorized by Section 42 of the IRC and section 83420.5099, F.S.

    85Rulemaking Authority 87420.507, 88420.508 FS. 90Law Implemented 92420.509, 93420.5099 FS. 95History–New 7-16-13, Repromulgated 2-2-15, 9-15-16, 5-24-17, 7-8-18, 7-11-19.