67-21.008. Terms and Conditions of MMRB Loans  

Effective on Thursday, July 11, 2019
  • 1(1) Each Mortgage Loan for a Development made by the Corporation shall:

    13(a) Be evidenced by a properly executed Note or other evidence of indebtedness and be secured by a recorded Mortgage;

    33(b) Provide for a fully amortized payment of the Mortgage Loan in full beginning no later than the 37th month after closing and ending no later than the expiration of the useful life of the property, and in any event, no later than 45 years from the date of the Mortgage Loan;

    85(c) Not exceed 95 percent of the Total Development Cost;

    95(d) If the Mortgage Loan is to provide financing for the construction of a Development, have each advance thereof secured, insured, or guaranteed in such manner as the Corporation determines shall protect its interest and those of the Bond holders;

    135(e) Have the initial review, approval, and origination process accomplished by a Qualified Lending Institution;

    150(f) Be serviced by such Qualified Lending Institution or other private entity engaged in the business of servicing mortgage loans in Florida as the Corporation shall approve; and,

    178(g) Require the submission to the Corporation of an annual audited financial statement for the Development, and for the Applicant if revenue from multiple projects is being pledged. An annual financial statement compiled or reviewed by a licensed Certified Public Accountant may be submitted in lieu of an audited financial statement for the Development prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for any unit in the Development, provided that the subsequent annual audited financial statement shall include all operations since inception.

    261(h) 262Unless and until a guarantor’s obligations for a MMRB Loan are terminated as approved in writing by the Corporation or its servicer, each guarantor shall furnish to the Corporation or its servicer financial statements as provided in subparagraphs (i)1. through 5., below, as the Corporation or its servicer may reasonably request.

    313(i) The audited financial statements are to be prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America and audited in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America for the 35212 month fiscal year period just ended 359and shall include:

    3621. Comparative Balance Sheet with prior year and current year balances,

    3732. Statement of revenue and expenses,

    3793. Statement of changes in fund balances or equity,

    3884. Statement of cash flows; and,

    3945. Notes to the financial statements.

    400The financial statements referenced above should also be accompanied by a certification of the guarantor(s) as to the accuracy of such financial statements, or

    424a. If an audited financial statement has not been prepared, a federal income tax return filed for the most recently completed year, or

    447b. For individual guarantors, if an audited financial statement is not available a financial statement certified as true and complete without qualification by such guarantor and a copy of the most recently filed individual federal income tax return.

    485(j) If Credit Enhancement is used, a Credit Enhancement instrument of less than ten years must be approved by the Board of Directors.

    508(2) Upon approval, execution, and satisfaction of the terms of the Program Documents by the Applicant and the Corporation, the Bond sale and the MMRB Loan shall be scheduled for closing.

    539(3) The Applicant may obtain construction financing from an alternative source with the Bond proceeds being invested in accordance with an investment agreement subject to the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code for Tax-exempt Bonds.

    574(4) The Applicant shall also establish and maintain escrow deposits sufficient to pay any insurance premiums and applicable taxes, as determined by the MMRB Loan Agreement.

    600(5) The Corporation shall charge such program administration fees as are required to pay the cost of administering the program during the life of the Bonds and MMRB Loan.

    629(6) The interest rate on the MMRB Loan shall be determined by the Corporation at the time of sale of the Bonds based on the financing structure and the interest rate on the Bonds.

    663(7) Prepayments shall be permitted only in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Program Documents.

    680(8) The Corporation shall appoint a Trustee and servicing agent when necessary to administer the program and service the MMRB Loan.

    701(9) All MMRB Loans are contingent upon:

    708(a) The sale, issuance and delivery of the Bonds and the availability of Bond proceeds.

    723(b) The Applicant obtaining title insurance on the property.

    732(c) The Applicant obtaining all governmental approvals for constructing and operating the Development as a multifamily housing Development.

    750(d) The Applicant providing to the Corporation, Bond Counsel and Special Counsel the Note, Mortgage, financing statements, survey, insurance policies, escrow agreement, investment agreements, opinions of counsel including preference opinions, if required, and such other documents as are necessary to ensure that the Corporation has a secured Mortgage Loan.

    799(e) If required by Bond Counsel in order to deliver their opinion in connection with the issuance of the Bonds or at the request of the Corporation, the Bonds being validated pursuant to chapter 75, F.S., and a certificate of no appeal issuing.

    842(f) Receipt of TEFRA approval for Tax-exempt Bonds.

    850(10) All MMRB Loans shall be reviewed and originated by a servicer designated by the Corporation, in conformance with the Act.

    871(11) The Applicant shall agree to execute or cause to be executed all of the MMRB Program Loan Documents required by the Corporation to secure the unconditional payment of the MMRB Loan and to retain the tax-exempt status of the Bonds, if Bonds are issued as Tax-exempt Bonds.

    919(12) The Applicant shall, prior to the requested date for funding, or as requested during Credit Underwriting, supply in draft form to the Corporation the following documents with respect to the Development being financed, together with any other documents required by the MMRB Loan Agreement:

    964(a) A survey, as described in the Application, dated within 90 days of the date submitted showing the location of all improvements, encroachments, easements and rights-of-way, and a site plan which has been approved by the appropriate governmental authorities.

    1003(b) A fully completed, executed and sealed surveyors’ certification to the Corporation.

    1015(c) Written evidence of appropriate zoning and governmental approvals.

    1024(d) Plans and specifications bearing the seal of a licensed engineer.

    1035(e) Written evidence of required insurance and payment of premiums.

    1045(f) Required opinions of counsel necessary for the issuance of the Bonds.

    1057(g) A commitment for mortgagee title insurance in favor of the Corporation or its Trustee or designated servicer, with only standard exceptions and such other exceptions as are usually permitted in Mortgage Loans of this nature and that are acceptable to the Corporation. Such policy shall be in an amount not less than the MMRB Loan amount plus an amount sufficient to cover any debt service reserve required by the Corporation.

    1128(h) A copy of the deed or form of deed conveying the land for the Development to the Applicant or a copy of the lease creating a long-term leasehold in favor of the Applicant acceptable to the Corporation and the Credit Underwriter.

    1170(i) Evidence as to the status of liens, including mechanic’s liens, recorded against the property and the permission of the Corporation to allow any liens to remain recorded against the land or the Development.

    1204(j) Such other documents as shall be reasonably required by the Corporation, by the MMRB Loan Commitment, or by the Corporation’s respective counsel to protect the interest of the Corporation in the financing.

    1237(13) The Borrower shall not sell, transfer, or otherwise assign any of its interest in the Development without the prior written consent of the Corporation.

    1262(14) The Corporation shall require all MMRB Loans to be secured to the extent necessary to protect the Corporation and Bond holders.

    1284(15) Adequate insurance shall be maintained on the Development, as required by the MMRB Loan Agreement.

    1300(16) Any MMRB Loan financed with proceeds of Tax-exempt Bonds, except for 501(c)(3) 1313Bonds, shall provide that the portion of any debt service reserve fund associated therewith to be financed with the Tax-exempt Bonds shall not exceed six (6) months of debt service on the Bonds.

    1346(17) Annually, within 151 Calendar Days following the Applicant’s fiscal year end, the Applicant shall provide the Corporation with an audited financial statement and an executed Financial Reporting Form SR-1, (Rev. 05-14), which is incorporated by reference and available on the Corporation’s website under the Property Owners & Managers link labeled Forms or from 1400http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-049071402. The audited financial statement and a copy of the signed Form SR-1, with Parts 1, 2 and 5 completed, shall be submitted in both PDF format and in electronic form as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to the Corporation at the following web address: 1446financial.reporting@floridahousing.org. 1447The initial submission will be due following the fiscal year within which the first unit is occupied. 1464In the case where the Development contained occupied units at the time of acquisition, the initial submission will be due following the fiscal year within which the 12 month anniversary of the MMRB Loan closing is observed. 1501The audited financial statement is to be prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America and audited in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America for the 12 month fiscal year period just ended and shall include:

    1549(a) Comparative Balance Sheet with prior year and current year balances;

    1560(b) Statement of revenue and expenses;

    1566(c) Statement of changes in fund balances or equity;

    1575(d) Statement of cash flows; and,

    1581(e) Notes to the financial statements.

    1587The financial statements referenced above should also be accompanied by a certification of the Applicant as to the accuracy of such financial statements. A late fee of $250 will be assessed by the Corporation for failure to submit the above documents by the stated deadline.

    1632(18) 1633All of the dwelling units within a Development shall be rented or available for rent on a continuous basis to members of the general public. The owner of the Development shall not give preference to any particular class or group in renting the dwelling units in the Development, except to the extent that dwelling units are required to be rented to Eligible Persons. All Developments must comply with the Fair Housing Act as implemented by 24 CFR Part 100, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as implemented by 24 CFR Part 8 1727(“Section 504 and its related regulations”), and Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as implemented by 28 CFR Part 35. To the extent that a Development is not otherwise subject to Section 504 and its related regulations, the Development shall nevertheless comply with Section 504 and its related regulations as requirements of the MMRB Program to the same extent as if the Development were subject to Section 504 and its related regulations in all respects. To that end, for purposes of the MMRB Program, an MMRB Loan shall be deemed “Federal financial assistance” within the meaning of that term as used in Section 504 and its related regulations for all Developments.

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