67-45.005. Terms and Conditions of Loans  

Effective on Sunday, December 7, 2003
  • 1(1) All Down Payment Assistance Loans must be in compliance with the Act and shall adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in Rule Chapter 67-50, F.A.C.

    28(2) The Loan shall not exceed 30 years or the term of the First Mortgage of principal is deferred until the expiration of the term of the First Mortgage, or in the event of sale, transfer, refinancing or failure to occupy the Home as the primary residence as outlined in Rule 7967-25.014, 80F.A.C., in which case the Loan is due and payable in full at that time.

    95Rulemaking 96Authority 97420.507(12), 98(23) FS. Law Implemented 102420.507(23), 103420.5088 FS. 105History–New 8-7-95, Formerly 9I-45.005, Amended 12-7-03.


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