67-48.019. Eligible and Ineligible HOME Development Costs  

Effective on Tuesday, June 23, 2020
  • 1(1) HOME funds may be used to pay for the following eligible costs as enumerated in 1724 CFR Part 9221:

    22(a) Development hard costs as they directly relate to the identified HOME-Assisted Units only for:

    371. New construction, the costs necessary to meet all applicable local and state 50codes, ordinances, and zoning requirements. Note that 5724 CFR 59§6092.251 61requires that 63HOME-Assisted new construction projects must meet state or local residential and building codes, as applicable or, in the absence of a state or local building code, the International Residential Code or International Building Code (as applicable to the type of housing) of the International Code Council,

    1092. Rehabilitation, the costs necessary to meet all applicable local and state 121codes, ordinances, and requirements or, in the absence of a state or local building code, the International Existing Building Code of the International Code Council and Uniform Physical Condition Standards pursuant to 15324 CFR 5.705,

    1563. Both new construction and rehabilitation, costs to demolish existing structures, improvements to the Development site and utility connections;

    175(b) The cost of acquiring improved or unimproved real property. A HOME Development and HOME loan that involves acquisition must include Rehabilitation or new construction in order to be an eligible Development.

    207(c) Soft costs as they relate to the identified HOME-Assisted Units. The costs must be reasonable, as determined by the Corporation and the Credit Underwriter, and associated with the financing, development, or both. These costs may include:

    2441. Architectural, engineering or related professional services required to prepare plans, drawings, specifications or work write-ups,

    2602. Costs to process and settle the HOME financing for a Development, such as credit reports, fees for evidence of title, recordation, building permits, attorney fees, cost certifications, and estimates,

    2903. Developer’s and General Contractor’s fees as described in Rule 30067-48.0072, 301F.A.C.,

    3024. Impact fees,

    3055. Costs of Development audits required by the Corporation,

    3146. Affirmative marketing and fair housing costs,

    3217. Temporary relocation costs as required under 32824 CFR Part 92.

    332(2) HOME funds shall not be used to pay for the following ineligible costs:

    346(a) Development reserve accounts for replacements, unanticipated increases in operating costs, or operating subsidies, except as described in 36424 CFR §92.206(d)(5);

    367(b) Public housing;

    370(c) Administrative costs, or

    374(d) Any other expenses not allowed under 38124 CFR Part 92.

    385Rulemaking Authority 387420.507, 388420.508 FS. 390Law Implemented 392420.5089(3) FS. 394History–New 7-22-96, Amended 12-23-96, 7-10-97, 1-6-98, Formerly 9I-48.019, Amended 11-9-98, 2-24-00, Repromulgated 2-22-01, Amended 3-17-02, 4-6-03, Repromulgated 3-21-04, Amended 2-7-05, Repromulgated 1-29-06, 4-1-07, 3-30-08, 8-6-09, 11-22-11, 10-9-13, Amended 10-8-14, 9-15-16, Repromulgated 5-24-17, 7-8-18, 7-11-19, 6-23-20.


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