67-48.023. Housing Credits General Program Procedures and Requirements  

Effective on Tuesday, June 23, 2020
  • 1(1) Unless otherwise permitted in a competitive solicitation process, an Applicant is not eligible to apply for Competitive Housing Credits if any of the following pertain to the proposed Development:

    31(a) The proposed Development has received an allocation of Housing Credits or a Competitive Housing Credit commitment or has accepted an invitation to enter credit underwriting, unless 58written notice has been provided to the Corporation prior to the deadline to apply for the applicable new funding withdrawing acceptance of such allocation or commitment and returning the previously awarded HC funding;

    91(b) A preliminary commitment of funding for the proposed Development through the SAIL Program or the HOME Program has already been accepted, unless written notice has been provided to the Corporation prior to the deadline to apply for the applicable new funding withdrawing such acceptance and returning the prior SAIL Program or HOME Program funding; or

    147(c) The proposed Development site or any part thereof is subject to any Land Use Restriction Agreement or Extended Use Agreement, or both, in conjunction with any Corporation affordable housing financing 178intended to foster the development or maintenance of affordable housing, unless at least one (1) of the following exceptions applies:

    1981. A LURA recorded in conjunction with the Predevelopment Loan Program or the Elderly Housing Community Loan Program, or

    2172. A LURA or EUA, or both, for an existing building or buildings, originally constructed at least 25 years prior to the deadline to apply for the applicable Competitive Housing Credits, where, in the current Application, the Applicant has selected and qualified for the Homeless demographic commitment with a Development category of Rehabilitation, Acquisition and Rehabilitation, Preservation, or Acquisition and Preservation.

    278(2) Each Housing Credit Development shall comply with the minimum Housing Credit Set-Aside provisions, as specified in Section 42(g)(1) of the IRC. Further, each Housing Credit Development shall comply with any additional Housing Credit Set-Aside committed to by the Applicant in the Application.

    321(3) The Development shall provide safe, sanitary and decent residential rental housing and shall be developed, constructed and operated in accordance with the commitments made and the facilities and services described in the Application at the time of submission to the Corporation or subsequently agreed to by the Corporation. Applications will not be considered approved to receive an allocation of Housing Credits until the Corporation issues a Preliminary Allocation to the Applicant and all contingencies of such documents are satisfied. Allocations are further contingent on the Applicant complying with its Application commitments, rule Chapter 67-48, F.A.C., and Section 42 of the IRC.

    423(4) All of the dwelling units within a Housing Credit Development shall be rented or available for rent on a continuous basis to members of the general public. The owner of the Housing Credit Development shall not give preference to any particular class or group in renting the dwelling units in the Housing Credit Development, except to the extent that dwelling units are required to be rented to Eligible Persons. All Housing Credit Developments must comply with the Fair Housing Act as implemented by 50724 CFR Part 100 511and Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as implemented by 52728 CFR Part 35531.

    532(5) Each Housing Credit Development shall complete the final cost certification process as required in a competitive solicitation.

    550(6) Prior to execution of the limited partnership agreement or limited liability company operating agreement between the Applicant and the limited partners/members, the Applicant must receive written approval from the Corporation or its Credit Underwriter that the Housing Credit Syndicator is in good standing with the Corporation. Proceeding with execution of a partnership agreement or operating agreement with a Housing Credit Syndicator that is not in good standing shall result in withdrawal of the Housing Credit Allocation.

    627(7) Final cost certification documentation shall be submitted by an Applicant to itemize all expenses incurred in association with construction or Rehabilitation of a Housing Credit Development, including Developer’s and General Contractor’s fees as described in Rule 66467-48.0072, 665F.A.C., along with the executed Extended Use Agreement, IRS Tax Information Authorization Form 8821 for all Financial Beneficiaries if requested by the Corporation, a copy of the syndication agreement disclosing the rate and all terms, the required certified public accountant opinion letter, an unmodified audit report prepared by an independent certified public accountant, photographs of the completed Development, the monitoring fee, and documentation of the placed-in-service date as specified in the competitive solicitation. The Final Housing Credit Allocation will not be issued until such time as all items required by a competitive solicitation are received and processed by the Corporation.

    765(8) After the final evaluation and determination of the Housing Credit Allocation amount has been made by the Corporation and the Extended Use Agreement has been executed in accordance with Rule 79667-48.029, 797F.A.C., the IRS Low-Income Housing Credit Allocation and Certification Forms 8609 are issued to the Applicant of the Housing Credit Development, as provided below. The Corporation will issue only one complete set of Forms 8609 per Development which will be no earlier than total Development completion, the Corporation’s acceptance and approval of the Development’s final cost certification documentation, and determination by the Corporation that all financial obligations for which an Applicant or Developer, or Principal, Affiliate or Financial Beneficiary of an Applicant or Developer is in arrears to the Corporation or any agent or assignee of the Corporation have been satisfied. 898At the time the Applicant’s first tax return with which Form 8609-A is filed with the Internal Revenue Service, the Applicant must submit to the Corporation a copy of IRS Form 8609 with a completed Part II.

    935(9) Annually, within 151 Calendar Days following the Applicant’s fiscal year end, the Applicant shall provide the Corporation with an audited financial statement, the fully completed and executed annual reporting form, Financial Reporting Form SR-1, (Rev. 05-14), and any other financial reporting requirements as provided in a competitive solicitation. The Form SR-1, which is incorporated by reference and available from 995http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-10767, 997shall be submitted to the Corporation’s servicer in both PDF format and in electronic form as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The initial submission will be due following the fiscal year within which the first unit is occupied. 1034The initial submission for Housing Credit Developments that contain occupied units at the time of acquisition will be due following the fiscal year within which the 12 month anniversary of the closing is observed of either the Housing Credit equity partnership agreement, or the acquisition of the development site, whichever comes first. 1086The audited financial statement is to be prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America and audited in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America for the 12 month fiscal year period just ended and shall include:

    1134(a) Comparative Balance Sheet with prior year and current year balances;

    1145(b) Statement of revenue and expenses;

    1151(c) Statement of changes in fund balances or equity;

    1160(d) Statement of cash flows; and,

    1166(e) Notes to financial statements.

    1171The financial statements referenced above should also be accompanied by a certification of the Applicant as to the accuracy of such financial statements. A late fee of $250 will be assessed by the Corporation for failure to submit the above documents by the stated deadline.

    1216Rulemaking Authority 1218420.507, 1219420.508 FS. 1221Law Implemented 1223420.5099 FS. 1225History–New 7-22-96, Amended 12-23-96, 7-10-97, 1-6-98, Formerly 9I-48.023, Amended 11-9-98, 2-24-00, 2-22-01, 3-17-02, Repromulgated 4-6-03, Amended 3-21-04, 2-7-05, 1-29-06, 4-1-07, 3-30-08, 8-6-09, 11-22-11, 10-9-13, 10-8-14, Repromulgated 9-15-16, 5-24-17, Amended 7-8-18, 7-11-19, Repromulgated 6-23-20.