67-48.030. Sale or Transfer of a Housing Credit Development  

Effective on Tuesday, June 23, 2020
  • 1An owner of a Housing Credit Development, its successor or assigns which has been granted a Final Housing Credit Allocation shall not sell the Housing Credit Development without having first notified the Treasury of the impending sale and complying with the Treasury’s procedure or procedures for completing the transfer of ownership and utilizing the Housing Credit Allocation. The owner of a Housing Credit Development shall notify the Corporation in writing of an impending sale and of compliance with any requirements by the Treasury for the transfer of the Housing Credit Development. The proposed transferee agrees to maintain all set-asides and other requirements of the Extended Use Agreement for the period originally specified; pay any and all unpaid compliance monitoring fees through the end of the Extended Use Agreement; and execute any assignment and assumption documents the Corporation deems necessary to effectuate the ownership change. 145For those Developments that have not waived the right to submit a Qualified Contract, any transfer of that Development will require the transferee to agree to a waiver of the right to submit a Qualified Contract before approval of the transfer will be provided by the Corporation. All requests which only require subordination of the regulatory agreements must be submitted in writing to the Director of Special Assets and contain the specific details of the subordination. In addition to any related professional fees, the Corporation shall charge a non-refundable subordination fee of $1,000 for each regulatory agreement to be subordinated. The applicable fee will be determined by the rule in effect at the time of the subordination request.

    264Rulemaking Authority 266420.507, 267420.508 FS. 269Law Implemented 271420.5099 FS. 273History–New 7-22-96, Repromulgated 12-23-96, Amended 1-6-98, Formerly 9I-48.030, Amended 11-9-98, Repromulgated 2-24-00, Amended 2-22-01, Repromulgated 3-17-02, 4-6-03, 3-21-04, 2-7-05, 1-29-06, 4-1-07, 3-30-08, 8-6-09, 11-22-11, 10-9-13, 10-8-14, 9-15-16, 5-24-17, Amended 7-8-18, 7-11-19, Repromulgated 6-23-20.


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