67-49.003. Withdrawal of a Competitive Solicitation  

Effective on Wednesday, February 28, 2018
  • 1(1) The Corporation may withdraw any competitive solicitation at any time prior to the due date of the Responses when the withdrawal is determined by the Executive Director to be in the best interest of the Corporation or the public. Notice of such determination shall be posted on the Corporation’s Website.

    52(2) Any Bidder may request to withdraw its Response, in writing, at any time prior to a vote by the Corporation’s Board of Directors regarding any Responses received.

    80Rulemaking 81Authority 82420.507(12) FS. 84Law Implemented 86420.507(13), 87(27) FS. History–New 1-31-99, Amended 3-12-02, 9-14-03, 2-24-14, 2-28-18.


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