67-57.010. Fees  

Effective on Tuesday, July 2, 2019
  • 1(1) The Corporation shall collect a HOP Membership Application fee of $500 from all entities when applying to become a Member of the pool for the HOP program.

    29(2) Member shall pay a non-refundable Loan Servicing fee upon submission of each loan package to the Loan Servicer. Member may be reimbursed for this fee out of closing.

    58(3) Any fees associated with inspections required under 6624 CFR §92.251(a) 69are the Member’s responsibility.

    73(4) The Member Fee shall be limited to 16% of the Development Cost of the Unit.

    89(5) Member shall be charged a failed inspection fee of $500 for all homes inspected by the Corporation that have been determined to not have been built in compliance with HOP Property Standards per rule 12467-57.040, 125F.A.C. Non-compliant home(s) must be brought into compliance and the assessed fee must be paid before the HOP Loan will close. This fee cannot be passed on to the Eligible Homebuyer.

    156Rulemaking 157Authority 158420.507(12), 159(14) FS. Law Implemented 163420.507(23), 164420.5088, 165420.5089(2) FS. 167History–New 6-26-06, Amended 10-14-07, 6-17-08, 7-2-19.