67-60.008. Right to Waive Minor Irregularities  

Effective on Sunday, July 8, 2018
  • 1Minor irregularities are those irregularities in an Application, such as computation, typographical, or other errors, that do not result in the omission of any material information; do not create any uncertainty that the terms and requirements of the competitive solicitation have been met; do not provide a competitive advantage or benefit not enjoyed by other Applicants; and do not adversely impact the interests of the Corporation or the public. Minor irregularities may be waived or corrected by the Corporation.

    80Rulemaking Authority 82420.507(12) FS. 84Law Implemented 86420.507(48), 87420.5087, 88420.5089(2), 89420.5099 FS. 91History–New 8-20-13, Repromulgated 10-8-14, 9-15-16, Amended 7-8-18.


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