67-60.009. Applicant Administrative Appeal Procedures  

Effective on Sunday, July 8, 2018
  • 1(1) Interested parties that wish to protest the terms of any competitive solicitation issued pursuant to this rule chapter may only do so pursuant to the procedures set forth in section 32120.57(3), F.S., 34and chapter 28-110, F.A.C.

    38(2) Any person who is adversely affected by funding decisions under any competitive solicitation may only protest the results of the competitive solicitation process pursuant to the procedures set forth in section 70120.57(3), F.S., 72and chapters 28-106 and 28-110, F.A.C. Any pleadings or other documents must be filed with the Corporation in accordance with section 9328-106.104, 94F.A.C.

    95(3) Any specifically named person whose substantial interests are being determined in the proceeding may make an appearance as a party. Any other person wishing to intervene in the proceeding must do so in accordance with rule 13228-106.205, 133F.A.C.

    134(4) For the purposes of section 140120.57(3)(f), F.S., 142any competitive solicitation issued under this rule chapter shall be considered a “request for proposal.” No submissions made after the Application deadline which amend or supplement the Application shall be considered.

    173(5) Applicants initiating administrative proceedings under this rule chapter shall not be required to post a bond.

    190Rulemaking Authority 192420.507(12) FS. 194Law Implemented 196420.507(48), 197420.5087, 198420.5089(2), 199420.5099 FS. 201History–New 8-20-13, Amended 10-8-14, Repromulgated 9-15-16, Amended 7-8-18.


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