67-60.010. Funding Preferences

Effective on Sunday, July 8, 2018
  • 1(1) In connection with any competitive solicitation, where all other competitive elements are equal, the Corporation may establish a preference for developers and general contractors who demonstrate the highest rate of Florida job creation in the development and construction of affordable housing.

    43(2) In any competitive solicitation, the Corporation may prescribe a priority to fund affordable housing projects in the Florida Keys Area of Critical State Concern and the City of Key West Area of Critical State Concern where, due to challenging environmental, land use, transportation, workforce, and economic factors, it is extremely difficult to successfully finance, develop, and construct affordable housing.

    103(3) The Corporation may establish other funding priorities as deemed appropriate for a competitive program or solicitation.

    120Rulemaking Authority 122420.507(12) FS. 124Law 125Implemented 126420.507(47), 127(48), (49), 129420.5087, 130420.5089(2), 131420.5099 FS. 133History‒New 10-8-14, 135Repromulgated 9-15-16, 7-8-18138.


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