68-1.002. Minority Business Enterprise Procurement Activities  

Effective on Sunday, August 23, 1992
  • 1(1) The Executive Director shall designate a senior level employee as a Minority Enterprise Assistance Officer who shall be responsible for overseeing the Commission's minority business enterprise utilization activities.

    30(2) To achieve the minority business enterprise procurement goals set forth in Section 43287.042, F.S., 45the Commission shall:

    48(a) Adopt and periodically review the minority business enterprise utilization plan;

    59(b) Participate in minority trade fairs throughout the State of 69Florida;

    70(c) Provide the local 74Federal 75Small 76Business 77Development 78Center 79with copies of all formal solicitations for contractual services, supplies and commodities;

    91(d) Update the vendor file quarterly based on the certified minority business enterprise directory issued quarterly by the Department of General Services;

    113(e) Mail certification forms and offer assistance to minority vendors listed in its vendor file who have not yet been certified;

    134(f) Identify areas that may be reserved for bidding only by certified minority business enterprises;

    149(g) Schedule, when feasible and practical, presolicitation or prebid meetings for the purpose of informing certified minority business enterprises of contracting and subcontracting opportunities;

    173(h) Make purchases under $10,000, whenever economically feasible and practicable, from certified minority business enterprises;

    189(i) Assure timely payment to vendors and contractors as provided in Section 201215.422, F.S.;

    203(j) The Division of Administrative Services will work with the Minority Business Enterprise Assistance Office to identify certified minority enterprises for a particular industry; and

    228(k) To the extent practicable, large contracts ($50,000 and above) will be divided into smaller contracts to afford opportunities to certified minority business enterprises.

    253Specific Authority Art. IV, Sec. 9, 259Fla. 260Const. Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, 267Fla. 268Const., 269287.042, 270287.0947 FS. 272History–New 12-12-88, Amended 8-23-92, Formerly 39-2.014, 27868A-2.014.