68A-27.0001. Purpose and Intent  

Effective on Monday, November 14, 2011
  • 1(1) The purpose and intent of this rule chapter, in concert with an objective that lawful nature-based recreational activities may be managed to be compatible with such species protection measures, is to conserve or improve the status of endangered and threatened species in Florida to effectively reduce the risk of extinction through the use of a science-informed process that is objective and quantifiable, that accurately identifies endangered and threatened species that are in need of special actions to prevent further imperilment, that identifies a framework for developing management strategies and interventions to reduce threats causing imperilment, and that will prevent species from being threatened to such an extent that they become regulated and managed under the federal Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended, 12516 U.S.C. §1531 128et seq.

    130(2) The Commission shall include in its annual work plan the Florida Endangered and Threatened species it will focus on in the next fiscal year. Work shall include but not be limited to species evaluation requests, management plan development and implementation, and other conservation actions.

    175(3) This rule chapter is not intended to preclude lawful hunting, fishing or other nature-based recreational uses, even if those activities result in the mere annoyance or disturbance of Florida Endangered or Threatened Species, when such uses are conducted in a manner that does not constitute take as defined in Rule 22668A-27.001, 227F.A.C.

    228(4) The Commission does not intend to prohibit actions taken on an emergency basis necessary to address public safety.

    247Rulemaking Authority Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. History–New 11-8-10, Amended 11-14-11.


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