68A-27.003. Florida Endangered and Threatened Species List; Prohibitions  

Effective on Monday, February 17, 2020
  • 1(1) Federally-designated Endangered and Threatened species:

    7(a) No person shall take, possess, or sell any of the endangered or threatened species included in this subsection, or parts thereof or their nests or eggs except as allowed by specific federal or state permit or authorization.

    45(b) The following Federally-designated Endangered and Threatened species shall be afforded the protection afforded under Commission rules and Florida Statutes and under the Federal Endangered Species Act, 7216 U.S.C. §1531 75et seq. and its implementing regulations. Species classified as endangered are identified below by (E) and threatened as (T).

    94(c) Fish:

    961. Atlantic sturgeon (100Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus103)(E); South Atlantic distinct population segment (consistent with 77 Fed. Reg. 5914-5982),

    1152. Okaloosa darter (119Etheostoma okaloosae121)(T) (consistent with 76 Fed. Reg. 18087-18103),

    1283. Smalltooth sawfish (132Pristis pectinata)134(E) (consistent with 70 Fed. Reg. 69464-69466)141.

    1424. Nassau grouper (146Epinephelus striatus148)(T) (consistent with 81 Fed. Reg. 42268-42285),

    1555. Giant manta ray (160Manta birostris162)(T) (consistent with 83 Fed. Reg. 2916-2931).

    169(d) Amphibians:

    1711. Frosted flatwoods salamander (176Ambystoma cingulatum)178(T),

    1792. Reticulated flatwoods salamander (184Ambystoma bishopi186)(E).

    187(e) Reptiles:

    1891. American alligator (193Alligator mississippiensis)195(T[S/A]); 196Listed only because of similarity of appearance to the American crocodile,

    2072. American crocodile (211Crocodylus acutus213)(T),

    2143. Atlantic salt marsh snake (220Nerodia clarkii taeniata223)(T),

    2244. Bluetail mole skink (229Plestiodon egregius lividus232)(T),

    2335. Eastern indigo snake (238Drymarchon corais couperi241)(T),

    2426. Sand skink (246Plestiodon reynoldsi248)(T).

    249(f) Birds:

    2511. Audubon’s crested caracara (256Polyborus plancus audubonii 259(T),

    2602. Bachman’s wood warbler (265Vermivora bachmanii267)(E),

    2683. Cape Sable seaside sparrow (274Ammodramus maritimus mirabilis277)(E),

    2784. Everglade snail kite (283Rostrhamus sociabilis plumbeus286)(E),

    2875. Eskimo curlew (291Numenius borealis293)(E),

    2946. Florida grasshopper sparrow (299Ammodramus savannarum floridanus302)(E),

    3037. Florida scrub-jay (307Aphelocoma coerulescens309)(T),

    3108. Ivory-billed woodpecker (314Campephilus principalis316)(E),

    3179. Kirtland’s wood warbler (322Dendroica kirtlandii324)(E),

    32510. Piping plover (329Charadrius melodus331)(T),

    33211. Red-cockaded woodpecker (336Picoides borealis)338(E),

    33912. Roseate tern (343Sterna dougallii dougallii346)(T),

    34713. Whooping crane (351Grus americana353)(XN); Listed as experimental population in Florida,

    36014. Wood stork (364Mycteria americana366)(T),

    36715. Rufa red knot (372Calidris canutus rufa375)(T) (consistent with 79 Fed Reg. 73706-73748).

    382(g) Mammals:

    3841. Anastasia Island beach mouse (390Peromyscus polionotus phasma393)(E),

    3942. Choctawhatchee beach mouse (399Peromyscus polionotus allophrys402)(E),

    4033. Florida panther (407Puma 408(409=Felis410) 411concolor coryi413)(E),

    4144. Florida salt marsh vole (420Microtus pennsylvanicus dukecampbelli423)(E),

    4245. Gray bat (428Myotis grisescens430)(E),

    4316. Gray wolf (435Canis lupus437)(E),

    4387. Indiana bat (442Myotis sodalis444)(E),

    4458. Key deer (449Odocoileus virginianus clavium452)(E). No person shall feed Key deer by hand or by placing any food that serves to attract such species,

    4729. Key Largo cotton mouse (478Peromyscus gossypinus allapaticola481)(E),

    48210. Key Largo woodrat (487Neotoma floridana smalli490)(E),

    49111. Lower Keys rabbit (496Sylvilagus palustris hefneri499)(E),

    50012. Perdido Key beach mouse (506Peromyscus polionotus trissyllepsis509)(E),

    51013. Red wolf (514Canis rufus516)(E),

    51714. Rice rat (521Oryzomys palustris natator 524(E); Lower Keys population west of 7-mile bridge,

    53215. Southeastern beach mouse (537Peromyscus polionotus niveiventris540)(T),

    54116. St. Andrew beach mouse (547Peromyscus polionotus peninsularis550)(E).

    55117. Florida bonneted bat (556Eumops floridanus558)(E) (consistent with 78 Fed. Reg. 61004-61043).

    565(h) Crustaceans:

    567Squirrel Chimney Cave shrimp (572Palaemonetes cummingi574)(T).

    575(i) Insects:

    5771. American burying beetle (582Nicrophorus americanus584)(E),

    5852. Cassius blue butterfly (590Leptotes cassius theonus593)(T[S/A]), ceraunus blue butterfly (598Hemiargus ceraunus antibubastus601) (T[S/A]), and nickerbean blue butterfly (608Cyclargus ammon610)(T[S/A]) are listed due to similarity of appearance to Miami blue butterfly (consistent with 77 Fed. Reg. 20948-20986) and as such only the following prohibitions apply to these three species:

    640a. Incidental take, that is, take that results from, but is not a purpose of, carrying out an otherwise lawful activity will not apply to cassius blue butterfly, ceraunus blue butterfly, and nickerbean blue butterfly.

    675b. Collection of the cassius blue butterfly, ceraunus blue butterfly, and nickerbean blue butterfly is prohibited in coastal counties south of Interstate 4 and extending to the boundaries of the State of Florida at the endpoints of Interstate 4 at Tampa and Daytona Beach. Specifically, such activities are prohibited in the following counties: Brevard, Broward, Charlotte, Collier, De Soto, Hillsborough, Indian River, Lee, Manatee, Pinellas, Sarasota, St. Lucie, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach, and Volusia.

    7503. Miami blue butterfly (755Cyclargus 756thomasi 757bethunebakeri758)(E) (consistent with 77 Fed. Reg. 20948-20986),

    7654. Schaus swallowtail butterfly (770Heraclides aristodemus ponceanus773)(E).

    7745. Bartram’s scrub-hairstreak (778Strymon acis bartrami781)(E) (consistent with 79 Fed. Reg. 47222-47244),

    7886. Florida leafwing (792Anaea troglodyte floridalis795)(E) (consistent with 79 Fed. Reg. 47222-47244).

    8027. Miami tiger beetle (807Cicindelidia floridana809)(E) (consistent with 81 Fed. Reg. 68985-69007).

    816(j) Mollusks:

    8181. Chipola slabshell (mussel) 822(Elliptio chiplolaensis)824(T),

    8252. Fat threeridge (mussel) 829(Amblema neislerii)831(E),

    8323. Gulf moccasinshell (mussel) (837Medionidus penicillatus)839(E),

    8404. Ochlockonee moccasinshell (mussel) (845Medionidus simpsonianus)847(E),

    8485. Oval pigtoe (mussel) 852(Pleurobema pyriforme854)(E),

    8556. Purple bankclimber (mussel) 859(Elliptoideus sloatianus)861(T),

    8627. Shinyrayed pocketbook (mussel) (867Lampsilis subangulata)869(E),

    8708. Stock Island tree snail (876Orthalicus reses [879not incl. 881nesodryas])882(T).

    8839. Choctaw bean (887Villosa choctawensis889)(E) (consistent with 77 Fed. Reg. 61664-61719),

    89610. Round ebonyshell (900Fusconaia rotulata902)(E) (consistent with 77 Fed. Reg. 61664-61719),

    90911. Southern kidneyshell (913Ptychobranchus jonesi915)(E) (consistent with 77 Fed. Reg. 61664-61719),

    92212. Fuzzy pigtoe (926Pleurobema strodeanum928)(T) (consistent with 77 Fed. Reg. 61664-61719),

    93513. Narrow pigtoe (939Fusconaia escambia941)(T) (consistent with 77 Fed. Reg. 61664-61719),

    94814. Tapered pigtoe (952Fusconaia burki954)(T) (consistent with 77 Fed. Reg. 61664-61719),

    96115. Southern sandshell 964(Hamiota australis966)(T) (consistent with 77 Fed. Reg. 61664-61719).

    97316. Suwannee moccasinshell (977Medionidus walkeri979)(T) (consistent with 81 Fed. Reg. 69417-69425).

    986(k) Corals:

    9881. Elkhorn coral (992Acropora palmata)994(T) (consistent with 72 Fed. Reg. 16284-16286).

    10012. Staghorn coral (1005Acropora cervicornis)1007(T) (consistent with 72 Fed. Reg. 16284-16286)1014.

    10153. Pillar coral (1019Dendrogyra cylindricus1021)(T) (consistent with 79 Fed. Reg. 53852-54123),

    10284. Lobed star coral (1033Orbicella annularis1035) (T) (consistent with 79 Fed. Reg. 53852-54123),

    10435. Moutainous star coral (1048Orbicella faveolata1050) (T) (consistent with 79 Fed. Reg. 53852-54123),

    10586. Boulder star coral (1063Orbicella franksi1065) (T) (consistent with 79 Fed. Reg. 53852-54123),

    10737. Rough cactus coral (1078Mycetophyllia ferox1080) (T) (consistent with 79 Fed. Reg. 53852-54123).

    1088(2) State-designated Threatened species:

    1092(a) No person shall take, possess, or sell any threatened species included in this subsection or parts thereof or their nests or eggs except as authorized by Commission rule or by permit from the Commission or when such conduct is authorized in a management plan as defined in this chapter and approved by the Commission, or as authorized in Commission-approved guidelines.

    1153(b) The following Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines from the Commission are hereby incorporated by reference and can be found online at the following links:

    11791. Alligator snapping turtles, 1183Macrochelys suwanniensis, M. apalachicolae, and M. temminckii, 1190effective September 2018


    11972. Barbour’s map turtle, 1201Graptemys barbouri, 1203effective February 2018


    12103. Black creek crayfish, 1214Procambarus pictus, 1216effective February 2018


    12234. Blackmouth shiner, 1226Notropis melanostomus, 1228effective February 2018


    12355. Big Cypress fox squirrel, 1240Sciurus niger avicennia, 1243effective February 2018


    12506. Bluenose shiner, 1253Pteronotropis welaka, 1255effective December 2019


    12627. Crystal darter, 1265Crystallaria asprella, 1267effective December 2018


    12748. Everglades mink, 1277Neovison vison evergladensis, 1280effective November 2016


    12879. Florida bog frog, 1291Lithobates okaloosae, 1293effective December 2018


    130010. Florida brown snake of the Lower Keys, 1308Storeria victa, 1310effective November 2016


    131711. Florida burrowing owl, 1321Athene cunicularia floridana, 1324effective February 2018


    133112. Florida Keys mole skink, 1336Plestiodon egregius egregius, 1339effective November 2016


    134613. Florida pine snake, 1350Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus, 1353effective February 2018


    136014. Florida sandhill crane, 1364Antigone canadensis pratensis, 1367effective November 2016


    137415. Georgia blind salamander, 1378Eurycea wallacei, 1380effective December 2018


    138716. Key ringneck snake, 1391Diadophis punctatus acricus, 1394effective November 2016


    140117. Rim rock crowned snake, 1406Tantilla oolicta, 1408effective November 2016


    141518. Santa Fe cave crayfish, 1420Procambarus erythops, 1422effective February 2018


    142919. Saltmarsh topminnow, 1432Fundulus jenkinsi, 1434effective February 2018


    144120. Sanibel Island rice rat, 1446Oryzomys palustris sanibeli, 1449effective December 2019


    145621. Sherman’s short-tailed shrew, 1460Blarina shermani, 1462effective December 2018


    146922. Short-tailed snake, 1472Lampropeltis extenuate, 1474effective December 2019


    148023. Southern tessellated darter, 1484Etheostoma olmstedi maculaticeps, 1487effective December 2018


    149424. Threatened wading birds (little blue heron, reddish egret, roseate spoonbill, and tricolored heron), 1508Egretta caerulea, E. rufescens, Platalea ajaja, 1514and 1515E. tricolor, 1517effective December 2018


    152425. White-crowned pigeon, 1527Patagioenas leucocephala, 1529effective November 2016


    1536(c) The species in this subsection are hereby declared to be State-designated Threatened Species, and shall be afforded the protective provisions specified.

    1558(d) Fish:

    15601. Blackmouth shiner (1564Notropis melanostomus1566),

    15672. Bluenose shiner (1571Pteronotropis welaka1573),

    15743. Crystal darter (1578Crystallaria asprella1580),

    15814. Key silverside (1585Menidia conchorum1587),

    15885. Saltmarsh topminnow (1592Fundulus jenkinsi1594),

    15956. Southern tessellated darter (1600Etheostoma olmstedi maculaticeps1603).

    1604(e) Amphibians:

    16061. Florida bog frog (1611Lithobates okaloosae1613),

    16142. Georgia blind salamander (1619Eurycea wallacei1621).

    1622(f) Reptiles:

    16241. Barbour’s map turtle (1629Graptemys barbouri1631),

    16322. Florida brownsnake (1636Storeria victa1638); lower Keys population only,

    16433. Florida Keys mole skink (1649Plestiodon egregius egregius1652),

    16534. Florida pine snake (1658Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus1661),

    16625. Gopher tortoise (1666Gopherus polyphemus1668). The Gopher tortoise shall be afforded the protective provisions specified in this subparagraph. No person shall take, attempt to take, pursue, hunt, harass, capture, possess, sell or transport any gopher tortoise or parts thereof or their eggs, or molest, damage, or destroy gopher tortoise burrows, except as authorized by Commission permit or when complying with Commission approved guidelines for specific actions which may impact gopher tortoises and their burrows. A gopher tortoise burrow is a tunnel with a cross-section that closely approximates the shape of a gopher tortoise. Permits will be issued based upon whether issuance would further management plan goals and objectives.

    17726. Key ringneck snake (1777Diadophis punctatus acricus1780),

    17817. Rim rock crowned snake (1787Tantilla oolitica1789),

    17908. Short-tailed snake (1794Lampropeltis extenuate1796),

    17979. Suwannee alligator snapping turtle (1803Marcochelys suwanniensis1805)

    1806(g) Birds:

    18081. American oystercatcher (1812Haematopus palliatus1814),

    18152. Black skimmer (1819Rynchops niger1821),

    18223. Florida burrowing owl (1827Athene cunicularia floridana1830),

    18314. Florida sandhill crane (1836Antigone canadensis pratensis1839),

    18405. Least tern (1844Sternula antillarum1846),

    18476. Little blue heron (1852Egretta caerulea1854),

    18557. Marian’s marsh wren (1860Cistothorus palustris marianae1863),

    18648. Reddish egret (1868Egretta rufescens1870),

    18719. Roseate spoonbill (1875Platalea ajaja1877),

    187810. Scott’s seaside sparrow (1883Ammodramus maritimus peninsulae1886),

    188711. Snowy plover (1891Charadrius nivosus1893),

    189412. Southeastern American kestrel (1899Falco sparverius paulus1902),

    190313. Tricolored heron (1907Egretta tricolor1909),

    191014. Wakulla seaside sparrow (1915Ammodramus maritimus juncicola1918),

    191915. White-crowned pigeon (1923Patagioenas leucocephala1925),

    192616. Worthington’s marsh wren (1931Cistothorus palustris griseus1934).

    1935(h) Mammals:

    19371. Big Cypress fox squirrel (1943Sciurus niger avicennia1946),

    19472. Everglades mink (1951Neovison vison evergladensis1954).

    19553. Sanibel Island rice rat (1961Oryzomys palustris sanibeli1964),

    19654. Sherman’s short-tailed shrew (1970Blarina shermani1972),

    1973(i) Crustaceans:

    19751. Black Creek crayfish (1980Procambarus pictus1982),

    19832. Santa Fe cave crayfish (1989Procambarus erythrops1991).

    1992Rulemaking Authority Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. History–New 8-1-79, Amended 6-22-80, 7-1-83, 7-1-84, 7-1-85, Formerly 39-27.03, Amended 6-1-86, 5-10-87, 4-27-89, 9-14-93, 6-23-99, Formerly 39-27.003. Amended 12-16-03, 7-20-09, 11-8-10, 11-14-11, 8-23-12, 9-19-12, 6-10-15, 1-11-17, 6-2-17, 7-20-18, 12-23-18, 6-25-19, 2-17-20.


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