68A-27.005. Designation of Species of Special Concern; Prohibitions; Permits  

Effective on Sunday, December 23, 2018
  • 1(1) The following species are hereby declared to be of special concern, and shall be afforded the protective provisions specified.

    21(2) No person shall take, possess, transport, or sell any species of special concern included in this subsection or parts thereof or their nests or eggs except as authorized by permit from the executive director, permits being issued upon reasonable conclusion that the permitted activity will not be detrimental to the survival potential of the species. For purposes of this section, the definition of the word take in rule 9068A-1.004, 91F.A.C., applies.

    93Panama City crayfish (97Procambarus econfinae99)

    100Rulemaking Authority Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. History–New 8-1-79, Amended 6-22-80, 6-21-82, 7-1-84, 7-1-85, Formerly 39-27.05, Amended 6-1-86, 5-10-87, 4-27-89, 10-22-92, 5-26-94, 6-23-99, Formerly 39-27.005, Amended 2-27-01, 5-1-01, 9-29-03, 6-1-06, 11-8-07, 11-8-10, 9-19-12, 1-11-17, 11-5-17, 12-23-18.


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