68A-6.002. Classes of Captive Wildlife  

Effective on Monday, September 30, 2019
  • 1(1) The Commission hereby establishes the following categories of wildlife including their taxonomic successors and subspecies thereof:

    18(a) Class I:

    211. Chimpanzees (24genus Pan26)

    272. Gorillas (30genus Gorilla32)

    333. Gibbons and Siamangs (family Hylobatidae)

    394. Drills and mandrills (44genus Mandrillus46)

    475. Orangutans (50genus Pongo52)

    536. Baboons (56genus Papio58)

    597. Gelada baboons (63genus Theropithecus65)

    668. Snow leopards (70Panthera uncia72)

    739. Leopards (76Panthera pardus78)

    7910. Jaguars (82Panthera onca84)

    8511. Tigers (88Panthera tigris90)

    9112. Lions (94Panthera leo96)

    9713. Bears (family Ursidae)

    10114. Rhinoceros (family Rhinocerotidae)

    10515. Elephants (family Elephantidae)

    10916. Hippopotamuses (family Hippopotamidae)

    11317. Cape buffalos and Gaur (family Bovidae)

    12018. Crocodiles (except dwarf and Congo) (family Crocodylidae)

    12819. Gavials (family Gavialidae)

    13220. Black caimans (136Melanosuchus niger138)

    13921. Komodo dragons (143Varanus komodoensis145)

    14622. Hyenas and Aardwolf (family 151Hyaenidae152)

    15323. Cougars, panthers (157Puma concolor159)

    16024. Cheetahs (163Acinonyx jabatus165)

    166(b) Class II:

    1691. Howler monkeys (173genus Alouatta175)

    1762. Uakaris (179genus Cacajao181)

    1823. Mangabeys (185genus Cercocebus187)

    1884. Guenons (191genus Cercopithecus193)

    1945. Patas monkeys (genus 198Erythrocebus199)

    2006. Vervet, Grivet or Green monkeys (genus 207Chlorocebus208)

    2097. Sakis (212genus Chiropotes 214and 215Pithecea216)

    2178. Guereza monkeys (221genus Colobus223)

    2249. Idris (227genus Indri229)

    23010. Macaques and Celebes black apes (237genus Macaca239)

    24011. Langurs (243genus Presbytis245)

    24612. Douc langurs (250genus Pygathrix252)

    25313. Snub-nosed langurs (257genus Phinopithecus259)

    26014. Proboscis monkeys (264genus Nasalis266)

    26715. Servals (270Leptailurus serval272)

    27316. European and Canadian lynx (279Lynx lynx281)

    28217. Bobcats (285Lynx rufus287)

    28818. Caracals (291Caracal caracal293)

    29419. African golden cats (299Profelis aurata301)

    30220. Temminck’s golden cats (307Profelis temmincki309)

    31021. Fishing cats (314Prionailurus viverrina316)

    31722. Ocelots (320Leopardus pardalis322)

    32323. Clouded leopards (327Neofelis nebulosa329)

    33024. Wolves, coyotes, jackals (family Canidae)

    33625. Indian dholes (340Cuon alpinus342)

    34326. African hunting dogs (348Lycaon pictus350)

    35127. Wolverines (354Gulo gulo356)

    35728. Honey badgers (361Mellivora capensis363)

    36429. American badgers (368Taxides taxus370)

    37130. Old World badgers (376Meles meles378)

    37931. Binturongs (382Arctictis binturong384)

    38532. Dwarf crocodiles (389Osteolaemus tetraspis391)

    39233. Alligators, caimans (family Alligatoridae)

    39734. Ostrich (400Struthio camelus402)

    40335. Cassowary (406Casuarius spp408.)

    40936. Giraffe and Okapi (family Giraffidae)

    41537. Tapir (family Tapiridae)

    41938. Wild cattle; forest, woodland and aridland antelope; and similar species of non-native hoofstock (family 434Bovidae435).

    436Such non-native hoofstock to include: Forest buffalo, Banteng, Anoa, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Hartebeest, Eland, Kudu, Nilgai, Bongo, lechwe, Roan and Sable antelope, Sitatunga, Bontebok, Blesbok, Topi, Kob, Addax, Oryx, Gemsbok, and other wild species of the family Bovidae which are of similar size, habits and nature.

    481(c) Class III: All other wildlife not listed herein, except those for which a permit is not required pursuant to Rule 50268A-6.003, 503F.A.C.

    504(d) 505Hybrids resulting from the cross between wildlife and domestic animal, which are substantially similar in size, characteristics and behavior so as to be indistinguishable from the wild animal shall be regulated as wildlife at the higher and more restricted class of the wild parent.

    549Rulemaking Authority Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. History–New 8-1-79, Amended 12-3-79, 6-4-81, 6-21-82, Formerly 39-6.02, Amended 6-1-86, 7-1-90, 7-1-92, 9-15-96, Formerly 39-6.002, Amended 8-27-09, 9-30-19.