68A-6.007. Elephant Rides  

Effective on Monday, September 30, 2019
  • 1(1) No person, firm, or corporation shall use elephants for rides without first obtaining special authorization. Such authorization shall be affixed to the authorized entity’s license issued under Section 30379.3761, F.S., 32as provided in this section.

    37(2) Qualifications for Elephant Ride Authorization.

    43(a) Safety record: Applicants for elephant ride authorization shall include in their initial application or application renewal, information that will identify, by drawings and/or photographs, the animal(s) that will be used in the rides. The application, or application renewal, shall also include a certified statement on the complete safety record of the animal(s). No elephant that has caused a serious injury or death to a handler, trainer, member of the public, or other person within five years prior to application, shall be used for rides. Incidents that occurred prior to the five-year period may be reviewed by the Commission for possible exclusion of the elephant for rides, in accordance with the following factors:

    1561. The circumstances surrounding the injuries caused by the elephant.

    1662. The seriousness or extent of injuries, or number of individuals affected.

    1783. The number of incidents in which the elephant was involved.

    189The Commission shall have final approval authority regarding the use of elephants authorized for rides following consideration of the above factors. In addition, if an elephant(s) is involved in a safety incident subsequent to the approval of the application, but prior to entering the State of Florida, or while performing in the state, Commission law enforcement personnel may direct the animal to be removed from all exhibition activities until the conclusion of the investigation or prosecution.

    265(b) Safeguards: Applicants shall provide documentation of safeguards to insure public safety. This documentation shall include:

    2811. An emergency plan for protecting the public that specifies what to do in case of elephant incidents; where tranquilizing equipment or firearms are kept; who is to use tranquilizing equipment, and when they shall be used to capture, control, or destroy escaped or out-of-control animals.

    3272. Such equipment, and an employee trained in the use of such equipment, shall be on the premises at all times that such wildlife is in a public contact situation.

    357(c) Experienced supervision: All elephant rides shall be supervised by a minimum of one qualified handler and one assistant. Applicants shall provide documentation that the handler has had not less than six months of experience in elephant handling. Such handler and assistant shall be in the immediate presence of the elephant at all times when the elephant is in a position to be in direct contact with the public. Applicants shall include the names of handlers and the experience documentation in their initial application, and in their renewal application thereafter.

    447(d) Barriers: A protective physical barrier shall be present between the elephant and the public at all elephant ride sites. Such barrier shall prevent bystanders from touching the animal. Applicants shall include in their application package photos or drawings of barriers they intend to use and a description of materials used to construct such barriers.

    502Rulemaking Authority Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const., 510379.373, 511379.374 FS. 513Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const., 521379.303, 522379.304, 523379.305, 524379.372, 525379.373, 526379.374, 527379.3761, 528379.3762 FS. 530History–New 1-1-08, Amended 1-8-08, 8-27-09, 8-26-10, 12-31-16, 1-1-19, 9-30-19.


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