68A-9.004. Permits for Hunting or Other Recreational Use on Wildlife Management Areas  

Effective on Monday, April 1, 2019
  • 1(1) In addition to other licenses, permits and stamps required by law, stamp requirements for hunting, camping, fishing, or other recreational uses on lands owned, leased or managed by the Commission or the State of Florida for the use and benefit of the Commission shall be as provided by sections 51379.354(8)(g) 52and (h), F.S.

    55(a) The cost of permits as required for hunting on wildlife management areas as provided by section 72379.354(8)(g)1., F.S., 74shall be $25.

    77(b) The cost of permits for Tier II public recreational opportunities on the Babcock Ranch Preserve shall be as follows and are set to capitalize on the value of hunting on portions of the preserve and to help ensure the preserve is financially self-sufficient, as required by Section 125259.1053(5), F.S.

    1271. Timber Pasture Unit ‒ $20,000

    1342. Pepper Field Unit ‒ $7,500

    1413. Sugar Hill ‒ East Unit ‒ $30,000

    1504. Sugar Hill ‒ West Unit ‒ $30,000

    1595. Cypress Head Unit ‒ $14,500

    1666. Yearling Pasture Unit ‒ $20,000

    1737. Deep Freeze - North Unit ‒ $21,000

    1828. Deep Freeze - South Unit ‒ $19,000

    1919. Myrtle Slough Unit ‒ $23,000

    19810. Possum Pond Unit ‒ $37,000

    20511. South Lightered Unit ‒ $53,000

    21212. Sawgrass Unit ‒ $39,000

    21813. Bull Head Unit ‒ $43,500

    22514. Governors Camp Unit ‒ $35,000

    23215. Curry Lake Unit ‒ $33,754

    23916. Saddlers Hammock Unit ‒ $40,000

    246(c) The cost of recreational user permits as required for hunting on the following privately owned wildlife management areas as provided by section 269379.354(8)(h)1., F.S., 271shall be:

    2731. Flint Rock – $206

    2782. Gulf Hammock – $417

    2833. Grove Pa286rk – $595

    289(d) The total number of permits available for each of the following privately owned wildlife management areas established pursuant to section 310379.354(8)(h)1., F.S., 312shall be:

    3141. Flint Rock – 450

    3192. Gulf Hammock – 550

    3243. Grove Park – 235

    329(e) Recreational user permits required for hunting on privately owned wildlife management areas shall also authorize the permittee to engage in all activities authorized for wildlife management area permits.

    358(f) Recreational user permits for privately owned wildlife management areas designated herein shall be non-transferable.

    373(g) A recreational use permit for privately owned wildlife management areas designated herein shall be renewable for two consecutive years provided that proper application and payment is received prior to June 1.

    405(2) Additional stamp requirements may be promulgated for each individual wildlife management area and are set forth in chapter 68A-15, F.A.C.

    426(3) 427On those lands where the Commission is the landowner or lead managing agency, written authorization is required for special events that are in violation of Commission rules, require Commission resources (personnel or equipment), require additional infrastructure, or would have significant impacts on natural resources, cultural resources or public use. A special event is an organized occasion that inc485ludes, but is not limited to, events such as sport competitions, recreational events and fundraisers. The Commission shall issue a written authorization when the applicant proposes natural or cultural resource related activities that do not unduly impact the resource, interfere with other users, or impose significant costs to the Commission. The Commission shall impose upon a Special Use Authorization issued pursuant to this subsection such reasonable conditions as are necessary to assure that the use or activity authorized will limit liability to the agency and protect fish, wildlife, natural and cultural resources.

    577Rulemaking Authority Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const., 585379.354 FS. 587Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const., 595379.1025, 596379.2223, 597375.313, 598379.354 FS. 600History–New 8-1-79, Amended 6-4-81, 6-21-82, Formerly 39-9.04, Amended 6-2-86, 11-1-89, 7-16-98, 5-13-99, Formerly 39-9.004, Amended 7-1-00, 5-29-01, 7-22-01, 6-2-02, 7-28-02, 5-1-03, 7-7-03, 10-12-03, 5-12-04, 7-15-04, 6-1-05, 4-3-08, 4-1-09, 7-20-09, 7-1-10, 5-5-11, 8-11-11, 5-2-12, 7-1-13, 9-9-13, 8-26-14, 4-1-16, 4-1-17, 4-1-19.


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