68B-2.002. Return of Marine Organisms to Water; Permissible Temporary Possession  

Effective on Sunday, September 01, 2013
  • 1(1) This subsection applies to all marine finfish and any marine invertebrate regulated by Division 68B, F.A.C., with the exception of Chapter 68B-26, F.A.C. All persons catching or taking but not retaining for use any such marine organism shall immediately release such marine organism at the site of capture. No person may unnecessarily harm or destroy any such organism. No such organism may be placed or deposited on any bank, shore, beach or other place out of the water.

    80(2) Permissible Temporary Possession

    84(a) Unless possession is expressly prohibited for a particular species, a person may temporarily possess an organism for purposes of identifying the species, photographing, or determining compliance with applicable regulations.

    114(b) A person who temporarily possesses an organism pursuant to paragraph (2)(a) must immediately return the organism to the water unharmed.

    135(c) A person must also comply with other restrictions on temporary possession that may be established for a particular species.

    155Rulemaking Authority Article IV, Section 9, Florida Constitution. Law Implemented Article IV, Section 9, Florida Constitution. History–New 9-1-13.


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