68B-31.007. Statewide Recreational Shrimping Restrictions  

Effective on Tuesday, March 1, 2005
  • 1Except for persons harvesting shrimp commercially as either a food shrimp producer or a live bait shrimp producer, each person harvesting shrimp in or on the waters of the state shall comply with the requirements specified in this rule.

    40(1) Bag Limit –

    44(a) No person shall harvest more than five gallons of shrimp, heads on, per day; provided, however, that two or more harvesters aboard a single vessel in or on the waters of the state shall be subject to the vessel possession limit specified in paragraph (b).

    90(b) The possession of more than five gallons of shrimp, heads on, aboard a vessel in or on the waters of the state or on any dock, pier, bridge, beach, or other fishing site adjacent to such waters, at any time is prohibited.

    133(c) All shrimp harvested pursuant to this rule shall be landed in a whole condition. The deheading of such shrimp before landing is prohibited.

    157(2) Allowable Gear – No person subject to the requirements of this rule shall use any type of gear to harvest shrimp other than those types of gear specified herein:

    187(a) Landing or dip net with an opening no larger than 96 inches around the perimeter.

    203(b) Cast net with a stretched length (the distance from the horn at the center of the net, with the net gathered and pulled taut, to the lead line) no greater than 14 feet.

    237(c) Push net.

    240(d) 1. Except as provided in subparagraph 2., one frame net with an opening no larger than 16 feet around the perimeter, if deployed from a vessel or from a structure other than an operational bridge or causeway or catwalk attached to such bridge or causeway.

    2862. Frame nets shall not be considered an allowable gear for persons harvesting shrimp pursuant to this rule in any waters of the Southeast Region in Dade County.

    314(e) Shrimp traps not exceeding 36 inches in length (from the rear of the heart to the leading edge of the trap), 24 inches in width (between the leading edges of the trap, or heart opening), and 12 inches in height and not containing external or unattached wings, weirs or other devices intended to funnel shrimp to the trap heart.

    3741. A shrimp trap meeting these specifications, regardless of configuration, shall not be considered a pound net.

    3912. The user’s name and address must be securely affixed to each trap; any trap lacking proper identification will be confiscated by the Commission.

    4153. No more than four shrimp traps shall be used at any one time.

    4294. Unattended shrimp traps are prohibited on or attached to beaches, causeways, seawalls, bridges, or any other structures open for use by the public. Any such trap which is not attended by the person whose name is affixed to the trap will be considered abandoned and may be seized.

    478(f) Beach or haul seine with a mesh area no larger than 500 square feet.

    493(3) Baiting – A person harvesting shrimp pursuant to this rule may use a cast net in conjunction with nonmetal poles to bait shrimp if such use is in compliance with the following restrictions.

    527(a) No more than 5 poles shall be set at any one time by any person.

    543(b) Each pole may not exceed one inch in diameter.

    553(c) Poles shall be driven into the bottom, set no closer than 10 yards apart, and the distance between the first and last pole shall not exceed 50 yards.

    582(d) Poles shall only be set, fished, and retrieved during daylight hours. The term “daylight hours” means the period beginning 1/2 hour before official sunrise and continuing through 1/2 hour after official sunset, each day. All poles shall be removed each day by 1/2 hour after official sunset.

    630(e) Each pole shall be marked with white reflective tape.

    640(f) No pole shall be set within 50 yards of any dock, pier, public boat landing or ramp, seawall, jetty, or bridge.

    662(g) Poles shall be tended at all times. The term “tend” means that the harvester is within 100 yards of the nearest pole at all times.

    688(h) Persons harvesting shrimp by this method shall be subject to the bag limit specified in subsection (1).

    706Specific Authority Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. History–New 1-1-92, Amended 1-1-96, 6-3-96, Formerly 46-31.007, Amended 12-2-99, 3-1-05.


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