68B-4. Gear Specifications And Prohibited Gear  

68B-4.002. Gear Definitions
68B-4.008. Statewide Seine Tending and Marking Requirements; Repeal of Section 370.082, Florida Statutes
68B-4.009. Monofilament Line and Netting: Prohibition of Intentional Discard, Recovery Requirements, Recommendations for Appropriate Disposal
68B-4.010. Prohibition of Fishing with Motorized Vessels in Lake Avoca, Pinellas County
68B-4.011. Prohibition of Net Fishing in Faka Union River, Collier County
68B-4.012. Diving: Powerheads and Rebreathers, Use to Harvest Fish in State Waters Prohibited; Definition; Spearfishing Marine Species in Fresh Water Prohibited
68B-4.013. Limitation on Use of Spotter Planes
68B-4.014. Southwest Florida Purse Seine Restrictions: Gear Specifications; Area Limitation; Local Law Repeals (Repealed)
68B-4.015. Gear Specifications for the Panhandle Region: Recreational Net Fishing; Areas Closed to Net Fishing
68B-4.017. Gear Specifications for the Southwest Region: Exceptions to Statewide Net Gear Requirements; Areas Closed to Net Fishing; J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge/Sanibel Conservation Zone; Blind Pass Seasonal Closure to Net Fishing; Definition
68B-4.018. Boca Grande Pass Gear Restrictions
68B-4.019. Prohibition of Trap Pullers on Recreational and Certain Commercial Vessels
68B-4.020. Saltwater Fish Traps
68B-4.0025. Other Definitions (Repealed)
68B-4.0081. Statewide Net Gear Specifications; Soaking Requirements; Definitions; Cast Net Specifications
68B-4.0082. Carriage of Proscribed Nets Across Florida Waters
68B-4.0083. Food Fish: Gear and Other Restrictions; Use of Explosives to Kill Fish Prohibited; Certain Uses of Frame Nets Prohibited; Stop Netting Prohibited; Possession of Certain Proscribed Nets Prohibited; Use of Chemicals Prohibited
68B-4.0086. Hook and Line Gear: Tending Requirement
68B-4.0087. Longlines: Use and Possession in or on State Waters Prohibited; Exception