68B-44.002. Definitions  

Effective on Wednesday, January 1, 2020
  • 1As used in this rule chapter:

    7(1) “Finned” means one or more fins, including the caudal fin (tail), are no longer naturally attached to the body of the shark. A shark with fins naturally attached, either wholly or partially, is not considered finned.

    44(2) 45“Shark” means any species of the orders Carcharhiniformes, Lamniformes, Hexanchiformes, Orectolobiformes, Pristiophoriformes, Squaliformes, Squatiniformes, including but not limited to any of the following species or any part thereof:

    73(a) Large coastal species:

    771. Blacktip shark – (82Carcharhinus limbatus).

    842. Bull shark – (89Carcharhinus leucas).

    913. Nurse shark – (96Ginglymostoma cirratum).

    984. Spinner shark – (103Carcharhinus brevipinna).

    105(b) Small coastal species:

    1091. Atlantic sharpnose shark – (115Rhizoprionodon terraenovae).

    1172. Blacknose shark – (122Carcharhinus acronotus).

    1243. Bonnethead – (128Sphyrna tiburo).

    1304. Finetooth shark – (135Carcharhinus isodon).

    137(c) Pelagic species:

    1401. Blue shark – (145Prionace glauca).

    1472. Oceanic whitetip shark – (153Carcharhinus longimanus).

    1553. Porbeagle shark – (160Lamna nasus).

    1624. Shortfin mako – (167Isurus oxyrinchus).

    1695. Thresher shark – (174Alopias vulpinus).

    176(d) Smoothhound sharks:

    1791. Smooth dogfish – (184Mustelus canis186).

    1872. Florida smoothhound (191Mustelus norrisi193).

    1943. Gulf smoothhound (198Mustelus sinusmexicanus200).

    201(e) Atlantic angel shark (206Squatina dumeril208).

    209(f) Basking shark (213Cetorhinus maximus215).

    216(g) Bigeye sand tiger (221Odontaspis noronhai223).

    224(h) Bigeye sixgill shark (229Hexanchus nakamurai231).

    232(i) Bigeye thresher (236Alopias superciliosus238).

    239(j) Bignose shark (243Carcharhinus altimus245).

    246(k) Bluntnose sixgill shark (251Hexanchus griseus253).

    254(l) Caribbean reef shark (259Carcharhinus perezii261).

    262(m) Caribbean sharpnose shark 266(267Rhizoprionodon porosus269).

    270(n) Dusky shark (274Carcharhinus obscurus276).

    277(o) Galapagos shark (281Carcharhinus galapagensis283).

    284(p) Great hammerhead (288Sphyrna mokarran290).

    291(q) Lemon shark 294(Negaprion brevirostris).

    296(r) Longfin mako (300Isurus paucus302).

    303(s) Narrowtooth shark (307Carcharhinus brachyurus309).

    310(t) Night shark (314Carcharhinus signatus316).

    317(u) Sandbar shark (321Carcharhinus plumbeus323).

    324(v) Sand tiger (328Carcharias taurus330).

    331(w) Scalloped hammerhead (335Sphryna lewini337).

    338(x) Sharpnose sevengill shark (343Heptranchias perlo345).

    346(y) Silky shark (350Carcharhinus falciformis352).

    353(z) Smalltail shark (357Carcharhinus porosus359).

    360(aa) Smooth hammerhead (364Sphyrna zygaena366).

    367(bb) Spiny dogfish (371Squalus acanthias373).

    374(cc) Tiger shark (378Galeocerdo cuvier380).

    381(dd) Whale shark (385Rhincodon typus387).

    388(ee) White shark (392Carcharodon carcharias394).

    395(3) “Shark fin” means any fin of a shark, including the caudal fin (tail), or any portion thereof.

    413(4) “Shore-based shark fishing” means targeting or harvesting any species of shark when fishing from shore, wade fishing, or fishing from any structure attached to shore, including but not limited to bridges, piers, docks, and jetties. Fishing from shore or any structure attached to shore by or with any of the following gear or methods shall constitute shore-based shark fishing regardless of the species targeted or harvested.

    480(a) Fishing with a metal leader greater than 4 feet in length.

    492(b) Using a fighting belt, fighting harness, or similar device used in conjunction with a fishing rod to give the angler a mechanical advantage when reeling in a fish.

    521(c)1. Except as provided in subparagraph 2., deploying bait by any means other than casting from shore or casting while wade fishing, including but not limited to transporting or dropping the bait by or from a vessel, surf board, drone, or by swimming.

    5642. 565Except when targeting or harvesting sharks, deploying bait by means other than casting shall not constitute shore-based shark fishing if the bait is attached to a hook for which the maximum distance measured between two points inside the curve created by the hook does not exceed 1.5 inches, when measured at the widest dimension. 

    619(5) “Separated,” with respect to a shark fin, means not naturally attached to the corresponding shark body through some portion of uncut skin or tissue.

    645Rulemaking Authority Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const. History–New 4-8-92, Amended 1-1-98, Formerly 46-44.002, Amended 1-19-10, 3-21-10, 1-1-12, 7-1-19, 1-1-20.


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