68B-5.002. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park: Prohibition on Harvest of Certain Species, Size Limit; Trappers to Comply with Rule 68B-24.0065, F.A.C.  

Effective on Tuesday, July 27, 2010
  • 1(1) No person shall take, kill, or possess any of the following fish in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park:

    21(a) Angelfishes – Family Pomacanthidae.

    26(b) Basslets – Family Grammidae.

    31(c) Batfishes – Family Ogcocephalidae.

    36(d) Bigeyes – Family Priacanthidae.

    41(e) Bonnetmouths – Family Inermiidae.

    46(f) Butterflyfishes – Family Chaetodontidae.

    51(g) Cardinalfishes – Family Apogonidae.

    56(h) Clingfishes – Family Gobiesocidae.

    61(i) Clinids – Family Clinidae.

    66(j) Combtooth blennies – Family Blenniidae.

    72(k) Congers – Family Congridae.

    77(l) Cornetfishes – Family Fistulariidae.

    82(m) Damselfishes – Family Pomacentridae.

    87(n) Dragonets – Family Callionymidae.

    92(o) Drums – Genera 96Equetus, Pareques 98and 99Odontoscion100.

    101(p) False morays – Family Chlopsidae.

    107(q) Frogfishes (Sargassumfishes) – Family Antennariidae.

    113(r) Goatfishes – Family Mullidae.

    118(s) Gobies – Family Gobiidae.

    123(t) Hawkfishes – Family Cirrhitidae.

    128(u) Jawfishes – Family Opistognathidae.

    133(v) Morays – Family Muraenidae.

    138(w) Muraenesocids – Family Muraenesocidae.

    143(x) Parrotfishes – Family Scaridae.

    148(y) Pikeblennies – Family Chaenopsidae.

    153(z) Porcupinefishes – Family Diodontidae.

    158(aa) Puffers – Family Tetraodontidae.

    163(bb) Sand stargazers – Family Dactyloscopidae.

    169(cc) Scorpionfishes – Family Scorpaenidae except for species in the Genus 180Pterois181.

    182(dd) Sea basses – Genera 187Hypoplectrus, Serranus, Schultzea, Paranthias, Liopropoma, 192and 193Diplectrum 194and the 196species Epinephelus itajara 199(jewfish).

    200(ee) Sea chubs – Family Kyphosidae.

    206(ff) Seahorses and Pipefishes – Family Syngnathidae.

    213(gg) Snake eel – Family Ophichthidae.

    219(hh) Soapfishes – Genus 223Rypticus224.

    225(ii) Soles – Family Achiridae.

    230(jj) Spaghetti eels – Family Moringuidae.

    236(kk) Squirrelfishes – Family Holocentridae.

    241(ll) Stargazers – Family Uranoscopidae.

    246(mm) Surgeonfishes – Family Acanthuridae.

    251(nn) Sweepers – Family Pempheridae.

    256(oo) Threadfins – Family Polynemidae.

    261(pp) Toadfishes – Family Batrachoididae.

    266(qq) Tonguefishes – Family Cynoglossidae.

    271(rr) Triggerfishes and Filefishes – Families Balistidae and Monacantidae.

    280(ss) Trumpetfishes – Family Aulostomidae.

    285(tt) Trunkfishes – Family Ostraciidae.

    290(uu) Wrasses – Genera 294Clepticus, Halichoeres, Hemipteronotus, Thalassoma, Decodon, Doratonotus, 300and 301Bodianus.

    302(2) Size Limit – No person shall take, kill, or possess any fish in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park smaller than 8 inches in total length. This subsection shall not apply to those species for which a specific minimum size limit has been otherwise established by law or rule or to any of the following fish:

    359(a) Anchovies – Family Engraulidae.

    364(b) Grunts – Family Haemulidae.

    369(c) Halfbeaks and Flying Fishes – Family Exocoetidae.

    377(d) Jacks – Family Carangidae.

    382(e) Mullets – Family Mugilidae.

    387(f) Pinfish – Species 391Lagodon Rhomboides393.

    394(g) Sardines – Family Clupeidae.

    399(h) Lionfish – Genus 403Pterois404.

    405(3) Persons harvesting spiny lobster or other species of the Genera 416Panulirus 417or 418Scyllarides, 419in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, or using traps to harvest spiny lobster, stone crabs, or blue crabs within the park, shall comply with the provisions of Rule 44868B-24.0065, 449F.A.C.

    450Rulemaking Authority Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla Const. Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla Const. History–New 7-3-89, Amended 6-1-94, Formerly 46-5.002, Amended 7-27-10.


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