69A-37.0385. Termination of Employee  

Effective on Monday, December 10, 2001
  • 1Upon the termination of employment of a firefighter, the employing agency shall forward to the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training a completed Form DFS-K4-1033, entitled “Notice of Termination of Employment as a Firefighter (Rev. 3-01).” This form shall be forwarded within ten business days after date of termination. Form DFS-K4-1033 is incorporated by reference in subsection 5869A59-37.039(2), F.A.C., and can be obtained where indicated in subsection 6969A70-37.039(1), F.A.C.

    72Rulemaking Authority 74633.128(2)(a), 75633.416(4) FS. 77Law Implemented 79633.416(4) FS. 81History–New 826-30-91, 83Amended 3-20-95, 12-10-01, Formerly 874A88-37.0385.