69A-37.058. Verification of Prescribed Training Hours  

Effective on Tuesday, January 1, 2019
  • 1(1) At the completion of the Minimum Training Course, on the date of the state certification examination, the instructor-in-charge of the course shall present to the Bureau Field Representative Form DFS-K4-1028 Verification of Training Hours/Firefighter I and II, signed by the training center director or his or her designee, as listed on Form DFS-K4-1028. Form DFS-K4-1028 is incorporated by reference in subsection 6369A-37.039(2), 64F.A.C., and can be obtained where indicated in subsection 7369A-37.039(1), 74F.A.C.

    75(2) If Form DFS-K4-1028 is not available for the Bureau Field Representative, the state certification examination will not be administered.

    95Rulemaking Authority 97633.128(2)(a), 98633.408(1), 99633.418 FS. 101Law Implemented 103633.128(1), 104633.408, 105633.418 FS. 107History–New 9-7-81, Formerly 4A-37.58, Amended 1-3-90, 6-30-91, 3-20-95, 12-10-01, Formerly 4A-37.058, Amended 3-19-09, 1-1-19.


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