69A-37.408. Live Fire Training Instructor Certification and Renewal  

Effective on Sunday, February 15, 2015
  • 1(1) Successful completion of a Florida State Fire College approved certification test encompassing course objectives and materials with a passing score of 85% is required for certification.

    28(2) For quadrennial renewal, a person is required to complete the 8 hour LFTI renewal course and each person seeking renewal must have participated as a primary instructor, IIC, or SO during the four year period on a fully compliant live training fire exercise.

    72(3) Any Live Fire Training must be conducted with a properly certified instructor employed by or as a volunteer of a fire department or a training center in compliance with Rule 10369A-37.060, 104F.A.C.

    105Rulemaking Authority 107633.508(6), 108633.128(1), 109(2)(a), 110633.418(1) FS. 112Law Implemented 114633.128(1), 115633.414, 116633.418(1), 117633.508 FS. 119History-New 10-5-06, Amended 2-15-15.


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