69A-40.027. Definitions  

Effective on Wednesday, November 13, 2019
  • 1(1) “Administrator” shall mean an individual meeting the definition in Section 12429.02(2), F.S.

    14(2) “Assisted Living Facility” (ALF) shall be as defined in Section 25429.02(5), F.S. 27The definition does not apply to transient rentals as defined in Section 39509.013(11), F.S. 41For firesafety purposes, the size of the ALF is determined by the license as issued by the Agency for Health Care Administration.

    63(3) “Authority having jurisdiction” (AHJ) shall mean the governmental entity, organization, office, or individual responsible by law or ordinance to conduct and enforce uniform firesafety requirements in accordance with Section 93633.206(2)(b), F.S.

    95(4) “Final Administrative Interpreting Authority” shall mean the State Fire Marshal.

    106(5) “Legacy facility” shall mean any ALF that has elected to comply with the option afforded in Section 124429.41(1)(a)2.d., F.S.

    126(6) 127“NFPA” means the National Fire Protection Association.

    134(7) “Owner” shall refer to the person, partnership, association, or corporation that owns the assisted living facilities enterprise, whether licensed or not. In the event an ALF is operated by a person that leases the physical plant which is owned by another person, “owner” means the person that operates the ALF. When the person that owns the physical plant is an affiliate of the person that operates the ALF and has significant control over the day-to-day operation for the ALF, he or she is considered an owner of the ALF.

    224Rulemaking Authority 226633.104, 227633.206 FS. 229Law Implemented 231429.41, 232633.206 FS. 234History–New 11-29-89, Amended 1-7-97, Formerly 4A-40.027, Amended 1-15-07, 11-13-19.