69A-40.028. Standards of the National Fire Protection Association Adopted  

Effective on Sunday, October 27, 2019
  • 1Unless the ALF is a legacy facility as defined in subsection 1269A-40.027(5), 13F.A.C., the uniform 16firesafety 17standards applicable to ALFs in Florida, including other buildings or structures located on the premises of said ALFs, are the standards of the National Fire Protection Association for life safety from fire, as they relate to ALFs, in the editions of the NFPA 101, Life Safety Code64®, 65and NFPA 101A, Guide on Alternative Approaches to Life Safety, which are incorporated by reference in Rule 8269A-3.012, 83F.A.C.

    84Rulemaking Authority 86633.104, 87633.206 FS. 89Law Implemented 91429.41, 92633.206 FS. 94History–New 11-29-89, Amended 1-7-97, Formerly 4A-40.028, Amended 10-27-19.