69A-40.029. Evacuation Capability Evaluation in Legacy Facilities  

Effective on Sunday, October 27, 2019
  • 1(1) The administrator of a legacy facility shall conduct an “Evacuation Capability Evaluation” and the local AHJ shall validate the evacuation capability evaluation as required in Section 28429.41(1)(a), F.S. 30For purposes of this rule, “validate” shall mean that the evacuation capability evaluation forms are reviewed by the local AHJ to ensure completeness in accordance with Chapter 5, NFPA 101A, Guide on Alternative Approaches to Life Safety, 1995 edition, as provided in Section 73429.41(1)(a), F.S.

    75(2) A licensed, sprinklered legacy facility is not required to conduct an evacuation capability evaluation. The State Fire Marshal’s office does recommend that evacuation capability be determined using a method acceptable to the local AHJ over firesafety.

    112Rulemaking Authority 114633.104, 115633.206 FS. 117Law Implemented 119429.41(1)(a), 120633.206 FS. 122History–New 11-29-89, Amended 1-7-97, Formerly 4A-40.029, Amended 10-27-19.