69A-57.003. Standards of the National Fire Protection Association from NFPA 101 Adopted  

Effective on Monday, June 26, 2017
  • 1The following portions of 5the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 11101, the Code for Safety to Life from Fire in Buildings and Structures, known as the Life Safety Code, 30adopted in subsection 3369A-60.004(1), 34F.A.C., apply to this rule chapter40:

    41(1) All of Chapter 24, “One and Two Family Dwellings,” except Section 24-3.4, “Detection, Alarm and Communication Systems.”

    60(2) Sections 6232.,, and 66only, of Chapter 32.

    70(3) Each AFCH which does not meet the evacuation capability of prompt, but which does meet an evacuation capability of slow, shall also comply with the requirements of Sections,, and, of Chapter 32, to be considered to have met the firesafety requirements under rule 11769A-57.005, 118F.A.C. 119Sections,, and, Chapter 32 are adopted and incorporated by reference in subsection 13469A-60.004(1), 135F.A.C136.

    137Rulemaking Authority 139429.73(2), 140633.104(1) FS. 142Law Implemented 144429.73(2), 145633.206(1)(b) FS. 147History–New 2-7-01, Amended 11-29-01, Formerly 4A-57.003, Amended 6-26-17.


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