69A-57.006. Fire Exit Drills  

Effective on Monday, June 26, 2017
  • 1(1) A fire exit drill shall be conducted by each provider at each AFCH at least three (3) times per year to assure that the evacuation capability of the facility is “prompt.” Subject to subsection 3669A-57.005(2), 37F.A.C., each fire exit drill shall be conducted at least 30 days after the previous fire exit drill. The AHJ is permitted to require an additional fire exit drill in conjunction with an annual firesafety inspection.

    73(2) The purpose of each fire exit drill is to familiarize each occupant with the procedures required for the safe, orderly, and expeditious exiting of the building or structure. All occupants shall exit the building or structure to a predetermined area of safety. The climate and weather conditions shall be taken into consideration when scheduling any fire exit drill.

    132(3) Each fire exit drill shall be conducted at an unexpected time and under varying conditions that may occur in the case of fires.

    156(4) Each fire exit drill shall be applicable to all occupants of the AFCH with emphasis on the safe, orderly, and expeditious exiting under proper discipline.

    182(5) Any occupant subject to a fire exit drill shall proceed to a predetermined location outside the building and remain there until all occupants are accounted for. Occupants shall be allowed to return to the building only when permitted by the person conducting the fire exit drill.

    229(6) The provider shall keep a record of each fire exit drill on Form DFS-K3-1437, (rev. 02/2017), Fire Exit Drill Records for Adult Family Care Homes, 255http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-08264, 257which is hereby adopted and incorporated into these rules by reference. Copies of the form may be obtained by writing to the Department of Financial Services, Division of State Fire Marshal, Bureau of Fire Prevention, 200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0342. The record shall list as a minimum:

    306(a) The date the drill was conducted.

    313(b) The time of day the drill was conducted.

    322(c) The amount of time, in minutes and seconds, that were required for all occupants to safely exit the building.

    342(d) Any unusual circumstance affecting the safe, orderly and expeditious exit from the building, which shall be in narrative or outline form.

    364(7) If the provider does not keep the record required by subsection (6), or keeps it in a manner that is incomplete, incorrect, or otherwise does not contain the required information, the fire exit drill will be presumed to have achieved an evacuation capability that does not meet the requirement of “prompt.” Another fire exit drill must be performed as soon as possible and the results correctly recorded. In addition, the firesafety inspector shall advise the agency that the AFCH is not maintaining compliance with the firesafety requirements for an AFCH.

    455(8) Any firesafety inspector or special firesafety inspector completing the required annual inspection is permitted to:

    471(a) Use the record for a determination of the evacuation capability of the facility; or

    486(b) Conduct his or her own fire exit drill.

    495Rulemaking Authority 497429.73(2), 498633.104(1) FS. 500Law Implemented 502429.73(2), 503633.206(1)(b) FS. 505History–New 2-7-01, Formerly 4A-57.006, Amended 6-26-17.


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