69I-25.001. Application of Rule  

Effective on Wednesday, November 30, 1994
  • 1These rules shall apply whenever interest is to be paid on judgements or decrees pursuant to section 1855.03, F.S., 20for untimely payments to vendors pursuant to section 28215.422, F.S., 30on contracts in the absence of a special contract rate pursuant to section 43687.01, F.S., 45and for untimely construction or maintenance contracts pursuant to section 55337.141(3), F.S. 57These rules shall apply whenever payment for goods or services has occurred on or after January 1, 1995. The interest rate prescribed by the Chief Financial Officer is to be the rate for all applicable payments with the exception of payments to health care providers pursuant to section 105215.422(13), F.S.

    107Rulemaking Authority 10917.29 FS. 111Law Implemented 11355.03, 114215.422(3), 115337.141, 116687.01 FS. 118History–New 11-30-94, Formerly 3A-25.001.