69I-25.002. Definitions  

Effective on Monday, May 12, 1997
  • 1For the purpose of this chapter, the following terms shall have the meaning indicated, unless the context of the rules indicates otherwise:

    23(1) “Chief Financial Officer” or “Department” means the Department of Financial Services and its head, the Chief Financial Officer, created pursuant to section 4620.121, F.S. 48The terms Chief Financial Officer or Department of Financial Services shall have the same meaning and be used interchangeably. The administration of this chapter is hereby delegated to the Bureau of Accounting, Division of Accounting and Auditing.

    85(2) “Day” means a calendar day.

    91(3) “Federal Reserve Discount Rate” means the discount window borrowing rate of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York published in the Federal Reserve Statistical Release.

    117(4) “Florida Administrative Register” means the publication referenced in section 127120.55(1)(b), F.S.

    129Rulemaking Authority 13117.29 FS. 133Law Implemented 13555.03, 136215.422(3), 137337.141, 138687.01 FS. 140History–New 11-30-94, Amended 5-12-97, Formerly 3A-25.002.