69L-30.002. Definitions  

Effective on Thursday, May 18, 2017
  • 1For purposes of this rule the following definitions apply:

    10(1) “Board certification” or “board certified” means the physician has been awarded board certification or diplomate status by one or more of the national specialty boards recognized by the State of Florida Department of Health.

    45(2) “Board eligible” or “board eligibility” means the physician has been determined eligible to take the board certification examination by one or more of the applicable national specialty boards recognized by the State of Florida Department of Health.

    83(3) “Department List of Certified Expert Medical Advisors” (hereinafter “Certification List”) is the electronic list of physicians approved as Expert Medical Advisors.

    105(4) “Expert Medical Advisor” (hereinafter “EMA”) is a physician certified by the Department of Financial Services (“Department”), or appointed by a Judge of Compensation Claims (“JCC”) under paragraph 133440.13(9)(c), F.S., 135to render peer review or expert medical consultation, opinions, and testimony, within the advisor’s specialty area, concerning issues related to reimbursement, differing opinions of health care providers, and physician and health care services rendered under the Florida Workers’ Compensation health care delivery system.

    178(5) “Expert Medical Advisor Certification” (hereinafter “EMA Certification”) is the application process through which a physician must demonstrate eligibility by submitting the required information and documentation and satisfactorily completing the online EMA Tutorial to be approved to render expert  medical opinions regarding medical services provided under chapter 440, F.S.

    227(6) “DWC Medical Services Web Portal” means https://msuwebportal.fldfs.com/, the Department website that contains Form DFS-F2-2192 (243http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-08174245), 246Expert Medical Advisor Certification Portal, rev. 04/2017, which provides physicians with the means to navigate the online EMA certification process and is incorporated by reference herein.

    272(7) “EMA Certificate” is the written documentation issued by the Department authorizing a physician to perform EMA services pursuant to section 293440.13, F.S.

    295(8) “EMA Tutorial” means the Department, Division of Workers’ Compensation (“DWC”), Expert Medical Advisor Certification Tutorial, which is accessible online at the DWC Medical Services Web Portal. The EMA Tutorial provides subject matter information and then tests the applicant’s knowledge of section 337440.13, F.S., 339and applicable administrative rules adopted by the Department.

    347(9) “Examination” means an Independent Medical Examination as defined in paragraph 358440.13(1)(i), F.S.

    360(10) “Physician” is as defined in paragraph 367440.13(1)(p), F.S.

    369(11) “Temporary EMA” is a physician identified by the Department for temporary certification, who is board certified in a specialty area in which no Certified EMA is available to render the services necessary for the Department to fulfill its statutory responsibilities under chapter 440, F.S.

    414Rulemaking Authority 416440.13(9), 417440.591 FS. 419Law Implemented 421440.13(9) FS. 423History–New 1-23-95, Formerly 38F-54.002, Amended 10-11-06, Formerly 43059A-30.002, 431Amended 3-1-16, 5-18-17.