69L-30.004. Application Process for Expert Medical Advisor Certification  

Effective on Thursday, May 18, 2017
  • 1(1) A physician shall apply for certification by satisfactorily completing the online EMA Tutorial, pursuant to subsection 1869L-30.002(6), 19F.A.C20.

    21(2) As part of the EMA 27certification process, the physician shall agree to provide consultation or services in accordance with the timetables set forth in chapter 440, F.S., and abide by rules adopted by the Department.

    57(3) The certification process shall be considered properly completed when the physician correctly answers 95% of the online EMA Tutorial questions and uploads to the above-referenced DWC Medical Services Web Portal, the required documentation, as set forth in rule 9669L-30.003, 97F.A.C. Failure to properly complete the certification process shall result in the application being rejected. Subject to the limitations in this rule chapter, a rejected applicant can immediately re-apply.

    126(4) Successful applicants shall receive an electronically generated EMA Certificate issued by the Department’s Division of Workers’ Compensation.

    144(5) 145Upon issuance of the 149EMA Certificate, 151the following provider information will be recorded on the Certification List:

    162(a) Certificate expiration date;

    166(b) First and Last Name;

    171(c) DOH license number and licensure status;

    178(d) Place of business, name, address(es) and telephone number(s); and,

    188(e) Specialty board affiliation(s) and sub-specialty(ies) and certification status.

    197(6) The Department 200shall deny applications that do not meet the minimum requirements set forth in rule 21469L-30.003, 215F.A.C.

    216(7) Certifications shall be for a period of two years. If at any time during the certification period, the physician no longer meets all qualifications for certification, the EMA shall be decertified and removed from the Certification List.

    254(8) An EMA who fails to obtain certification renewal before the expiration of the two year certification period is ineligible to perform EMA services and will be removed from the Certification List until such time as the EMA re-applies and his/her re-certification is approved.

    298Rulemaking Authority 300440.13(9), 301440.591 FS. 303Law Implemented 305440.13(9) FS. 307History–New 1-23-95, Formerly 38F-54.004, Amended 10-11-06, Formerly 31459A-30.004, 315Amended 3-1-16, 5-18-17.


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