69L-30.006. Temporary Expert Medical Advisors  

Effective on Thursday, May 18, 2017
  • 1(1) A physician who has been disciplined for a violation pursuant to section 14440.13, F.S., 16shall not be certified as a Temporary EMA.

    24(2) When the Department needs EMA services and there is no EMA on the Certification List who meets the needs of the Department or who is available to provide the EMA services needed, the Department may certify a physician as a Temporary EMA, for a specific case, if the physician:

    74(a) Holds a clear active medical license or a valid Florida medical school teaching certificate pursuant to section 92458.3145, 93459.0077, 94463.0057 95or 96466.002, F.S.; 98and,

    99(b) Holds board certification or is board eligible in the specialty area needed by the Department to fulfill its responsibilities under subsections 121440.13(9) 122and (11), F.S.

    125(3) Upon receiving notice of selection by the Department as a Temporary EMA, the physician shall disclose any conflict of interest related to the case for which the physician was selected and shall decline selection, if a conflict of interest, pursuant to rule 16869L-30.007, 169F.A.C., exists.

    171(4) Any physician certified as a Temporary EMA shall have the same duties and responsibilities under this rule chapter as a certified EMA.

    194(5) Selection of an EMA by a JCC under paragraph 204440.13(9)(c), F.S., 206is independent of the Department’s selection of a Temporary EMA under this rule.

    219Rulemaking Authority 221440.13(9), 222440.591 FS. 224Law Implemented 226440.13(9) FS. 228History–New 1-23-95, Formerly 38F-54.006, Amended 10-11-06, Formerly 23559A-30.006, 236Amended 3-1-16, 5-18-17.


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