69L-30.010. Expert Medical Advisor Decertification

Effective on Thursday, May 18, 2017
  • 1(1) An EMA shall be decertified and removed from the Certification List 13for any one of the following:

    19(a) Pursuant to a final order, the EMA was found to have engaged in certain violations, including a standard of care or billing violation, or overutilization, under subsection 47440.13(8), 48(13), or (15), F.S., or

    53(b) The EMA fails to report a conflict of interest and decline selection in a case assignment as required in rule 7469L-30.004, 75F.A.C., or

    77(c) The EMA no longer meets the criteria for EMA status pursuant to rule 9169L-30.003, 92F.A.C.

    93(2) An EMA decertified by the Department, for any reason other than that described in paragraph (1)(c), above, shall not be eligible for re-certification as an EMA in the future.

    123Rulemaking Authority 125440.13(9), 126440.591 FS. 128Law Implemented 130440.13(9) FS. 132History–New 1-23-95, Formerly 38F-54.010, Amended 10-11-06, Formerly 13959A-30.010, 140Amended 3-1-16, 5-18-17.


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