69V-560.302. Renewal Fees, Deadlines, and Requirements  

Effective on Thursday, November 28, 2019
  • 1(1) Chapter 560, F.S., licenses must be renewed in accordance with the provisions of Section 16560.142, F.S.

    18(2) If the Office does not receive the renewal fees required in Section 31560.143(2), F.S., 33on or before the license expiration date, the license shall revert from active to inactive status. The inactive license may be reinstated within sixty (60) days after becoming inactive upon submission of the required renewal fees including late renewal fees required in Section 76560.143(3), F.S. 78A license that is not reinstated within sixty (60) days after becoming inactive automatically expires and a new application must be filed with the Office pursuant to Chapter 560, F.S. For purposes of this rule, the fingerprint retention fees required in Section 120560.143(2)(g), F.S, 122are $12.00 for each person currently listed in the records of the Office in question 5G of the Application for Licensure as a Money Services Business, OFR-560-01, which is incorporated by reference in Rule 15669V-560.1012, 157F.A.C.

    158(3) All fees required to be filed under this rule shall be filed electronically through the Office’s REAL System at 178www.flofr.com179. Any person may request an exemption from the electronic filing requirements of this rule due to a technological or financial hardship by submitting Form OFR-560-08, Request for Exemption from Electronic Filing Requirements, to: Office of Financial Regulation, Division of Consumer Finance, Bureau of Registration, 200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0376. The Office will provide any person granted an exemption from the electronic filing requirement with instructions on how to file the renewal fees in paper format. Form OFR-560-08 is incorporated by reference in Rule 26569V-560.1012, 266F.S.

    267(4) If any date established in accordance with Section 276560.142, F.S., 278falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday pursuant to Section 289110.117, F.S., 291the required renewal fees and any applicable late fees must be received by the Office by the close of business on the next business day.

    316Rulemaking Authority 318560.105, 319560.142, 320560.143 FS. 322Law Implemented 324560.142, 325560.403, 326560.141, 327560.143 FS. 329History–New 9-24-97, Amended 12-30-98, 11-4-01, Formerly 3C-560.302, Amended 7-15-07, 1-13-09, 1-2-14, 11-28-19.