69V-560.504. Reimbursement Rates for Examinations Conducted by the Office  

Effective on Thursday, November 28, 2019
  • 1(1) This rule establishes rates for reimbursement to the Office for examination and per diem and travel expenses for examinations of licensees conducted by Office examiners under Sections 29560.1091 30and 31560.1092, F.S.

    33(2) Fees for examiner time shall be calculated at the rate of $25 per hour for each classification listed below:

    53(a) Financial Examiner/Analyst I

    57(b) Financial Examiner Analyst II

    62(c) Financial Specialist

    65(d) Financial Control Analyst

    69(e) Financial Examiner Analyst Supervisor

    74(f) Area Financial Manager and above

    80(3) Examiner per diem and other travel expense shall be charged in accordance with Section 95112.061, F.S.

    97(4) Fees for administrative support staff providing clerical or research work in connection with the examination will be calculated at the rate of $12.00 per hour.

    123(5) The Office will invoice licensees for the costs of the examination and licensees will have thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice to remit payment for invoiced expenses to the Office.

    157Rulemaking Authority 159560.105, 160560.1092 FS. 162Law Implemented 164560.1092, 165560.109 FS. 167History–New 1-13-09, Amended 11-28-19.