69V-560.707. Records to be Maintained by Deferred Presentment Providers  

Effective on Thursday, November 28, 2019
  • 1(1) Every deferred presentment provider shall maintain the following records at a location which has been designated to the Office:

    21(a) A copy of each personal check, 28including any authorization to transfer or withdraw funds from an account signed by the drawer, 43accepted for each deferred presentment transaction.

    49(b) A copy of each transaction agreement between the deferred presentment provider and the drawer that meets the requirements of Rule 7069V-560.904, 71F.A.C.

    72(c) If applicable 75for deferred presentment transactions not repayable in installments, 83a copy of each document relating to any consumer credit counseling services provided for each drawer including:

    1001. A signed and dated notice from the drawer that he or she is unable to cover the check or to repay the provider on or before the last day of the deferment period, and that he or she agrees to complete consumer credit counseling and comply with a repayment agreement approved by a consumer credit counseling agency,

    1582. All correspondence received from or sent to the drawer or the consumer credit counseling agency chosen by the drawer; and,

    1793. A copy of the drawer’s repayment plan approved by the consumer credit counseling agency including records that substantiate the drawer’s compliance with such agreement.

    204(d) If 206applicable 207for 208a 209deferred 210presentment 211installment 212transaction, 213a 214copy 215of 216each 217document 218relating 219to 220any 221deferral 222request 223received from any drawer 227including:

    2281. A signed and dated notice from the drawer that the drawer is unable to cover the check or to repay the provider on or 253before 254the installment due date, and that the drawer agrees to and is aware of the new due date for the deferred installment 276payment.

    2772. All correspondence received from or sent to the drawer or the consumer regarding the deferred installment payment.

    295(e) Records relating to all returned personal checks that shall include, if applicable, the following:

    3101. The date the personal check was returned to the provider;

    3212. The name and address of the drawer;

    3293. The check number of the personal check;

    3374. The dollar amount of the personal check;

    3455. The date of deposit by the provider;

    3536. The NSF fees imposed, if applicable, on each drawer;

    3637. The date on which collection is made from the drawer; and,

    3758. A description of the method by which collection was ultimately achieved.

    387(f) A daily summary of the business activities including the following documents:

    3991. Bank deposit receipts and supporting records detailing the bank deposit;

    4102. Copies of checks and withdrawal receipts evidencing withdrawal of funds from accounts maintained by the provider; and,

    4283. A daily cash reconciliation summarizing each day’s activities and reconciling cash on hand at the close of business.

    447(g) Bank statements of the provider received and maintained, no less often than monthly, for all accounts from which the provider operates. A complete legible copy of the provider’s bank statement will be accepted if the original bank statement is not available.

    489(h) A copy of the drawer’s written authorization to electronically debit the drawer’s account if the provider intends to make use of such practice.

    513(i) The copy of the drawer’s personal check shall constitute compliance with the requirements of subparagraphs (e)1. through 4. of this rule. The provider may include the reasonable cost of such copy as part of the verification fee allowed pursuant to Rule 55569V-560.801, 556F.A.C., if such fee is charged to that drawer.

    565(j) A copy of the drawer’s verifiable means of identification and any other documentation the provider collects in order to verify the drawer’s identity.

    589(k) Copies of receipts provided to the drawer for each check which evidence the termination of the transaction. The drawer shall receive and the provider shall maintain a copy of the receipt for each transaction redeemed in cash or certified funds or when evidence of clearing has been provided to the provider. The receipt shall include, but is not limited to the date, time, transaction number, and amount.

    657(l) Copies of documentation presented to the provider as evidence of clearing.

    669(2) The records referenced in subsection (1) above shall be maintained by the provider in accordance with the provisions of Section 690560.1105, F.S.

    692Rulemaking Authority 694560.105, 695560.404 FS. 697Law Implemented 699560.1105, 700560.404 FS. 702History–New 12-17-01, Formerly 3C-560.707, Amended 9-14-04, 1-13-09, 11-28-19.