69V-560.804. Payment Method  

Effective on Tuesday, January 13, 2009
  • 1(1) Payment shall be made immediately in currency for every payment instrument received by a person engaging in the activities of a check casher.

    25(2) Each deferred presentment provider shall immediately provide the drawer with currency for the full amount of his or her personal check to be held by the provider, less only the fees authorized by Section 60560.404, F.S. 62Only deferred presentment providers that are Part II 70licensee71s may provide a payment instrument, 77including an Automated Clearing House credit, 83in lieu of currency.

    87Specific Authority 89560.105, 90560.404(23) FS. 92Law Implemented 560.302(1), 95560.309, 96560.404 FS. 98History–New 9-24-97, Amende101d 12-17-01, Formerly 3C-560.804, Amended 1-13-09.


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