69V-560.907. Deferred Presentment Database Access  

Effective on Thursday, November 28, 2019
  • 1(1) The 3deferred presentment 5database vendor shall operate and maintain a website with the URL and domain name www.FLADPP.com on behalf of the Office of Financial Regulation, which shall be the means by which real-time access to the 39deferred presentment 41database is made available through an internet connection for providers to comply with Part IV, Chapter 560, F.S. The 60deferred presentment 62database vendor shall operate and maintain the 69deferred presentment 71database and shall give providers access to the 79deferred presentment 81database on the following terms and conditions:

    88(a) A provider shall designate to the 95deferred presentment 97database vendor a security administrator to assign employee user identification numbers and passwords to employees authorized by the provider to register transactions on the 121deferred presentment 123database, to maintain provider information on the website and 132deferred presentment 134database, and to ensure the accuracy of 141deferred presentment 143database transaction information, including that the user identification and password for the employee are associated with the appropriate location from which the transaction is conducted. Only the security administrator identification and password will be administered by the 180deferred presentment 182database vendor. The provider’s security administrator will be responsible for all other employee user identification numbers and passwords within the provider’s organization;

    2041. If the security administrator needs to be changed or a new security administrator needs to be designated, the provider shall request those changes from the 230deferred presentment 232database vendor;

    2342. If the security administrator forgets the password, the provider shall request the 247deferred presentment 249database vendor to reset the password;

    255(b) A provider’s security administrator will not have access to the 266deferred presentment 268database until he or she has been certified by the 278deferred presentment 280database vendor. The 283deferred presentment 285database vendor shall initially provide certification to the provider for one security administrator at no cost. A provider may have one replacement security administrator certified by the 312deferred presentment 314database vendor per year at no cost;

    321(c) A provider shall be and remain registered pursuant to part II or part III of chapter 560, F.S., and provide a “Declaration of Intent to Engage in Deferred Presentment Transactions” together with the required fee to the Office of Financial Regulation as provided by rule 36769V-560.108, 368F.A.C.;

    369(2)(a) Every primary business location of a deferred presentment provider and every branch office location of which the Office of Financial Regulation has been notified, shall be permitted to register transactions on the 402deferred presentment 404database. The Office of Financial Regulation will provide the 413deferred presentment 415database vendor with nightly updates Monday through Friday of each week regarding primary business and branch office locations.

    433(b) It will be the responsibility of each provider’s designated security administrator to assign user identification numbers and passwords to those employees at new branch office locations who may register deferred presentment transactions on the 468deferred presentment 470database after Form OFR-560-02 (Location Notification Form) as to such branch office location has been provided to the Office of Financial Regulation.

    492(3) The 494deferred presentment 496database vendor will make available limited predefined reporting capabilities to providers, but under no circumstances will these reporting capabilities extend beyond transactions entered by that provider. A provider may request additional predefined reports from the 531deferred presentment 533database vendor, but the 537deferred presentment 539database vendor shall have discretion to deny these requests. Any reports made available on the 554deferred presentment 556database by the 559deferred presentment 561database vendor for one provider shall be made available to all providers.

    573(4) A provider’s access to the Office of Financial Regulation’s 583deferred presentment 585database, including all branch office locations of such provider, will be restricted by the 599deferred presentment 601database vendor at such time as the Office of Financial Regulation provides notice to the 616deferred presentment 618database vendor via the nightly licensing information update or electronic mail that the provider’s:

    632(a) License pursuant to Part II or Part III of the code is surrendered, revoked, expired, rendered inactive or the licensee is denied renewal of such licensure; or

    660(b) “Declaration of Intent to Engage in Deferred Presentment Transactions” is not renewed with the Office of Financial Regulation.

    679(5) Any provider who has had its access to the Office of Financial Regulation’s 693deferred presentment 695database restricted shall not have access reinstated until the next business day following resolution of the issue which caused the restriction.

    716Rulemaking Authority 718560.105, 719560.404 FS. 721Law Implemented 723560.404, 724560.4041 FS. 726History–New 4-17-02, Formerly 3C-560.907, Amended 11-28-19.