6A-1. Finance And Administration  

6A-1.001. District Financial Records
6A-1.002. District School Budgets (Repealed)
6A-1.004. School District Budget Requirements
6A-1.006. Budget Amendments (Repealed)
6A-1.007. Execution of the Budget
6A-1.008. Financial Statements
6A-1.0011. Data Collection Activities, Instruments, Forms and Instructions (Repealed)
6A-1.011. Project or Construction Accounts for Capital Outlay Projects
6A-1.012. Purchasing Policies
6A-1.0012. Minimum Security Measures for Direct Deposit by Electronic Transfer of Funds or Other Medium
6A-1.0013. Audits of Direct-Support Organizations
6A-1.013. Pool Purchases
6A-1.014. Expenditure of Funds in Programs and Schools Where Generated
6A-1.0014. Comprehensive Management Information System
6A-1.0015. K-20 Data Warehouse
6A-1.0016. Application for and Issuance and Revocation of Master School Identification (MSID) Numbers
6A-1.038. Funding and Refunding of School District Indebtedness
6A-1.039. Supplemental Educational Services in Title I Schools (Repealed)
6A-1.044. Pupil Attendance Records
6A-1.052. Salary Schedules to Be Adopted for All Personnel
6A-1.056. Travel and Subsistence for School Board Members, Superintendents and School Employees
6A-1.057. Petty Cash Funds (Repealed)
6A-1.064. Forms for Contracts for Instructional and Professional Administrative Personnel, and Other Personnel
6A-1.070. Teacher Aides and Volunteers
6A-1.0071. Fiscal Reporting Dates
6A-1.079. Leave to Be Used for the Purposes Set Forth in Application (Repealed)
6A-1.080. Maximum Extent of Leave
6A-1.081. Professional Leave and Extended Professional Leave; Definition
6A-1.0081. Charter School and Charter Technical Career Center Financial Statements and Financial Conditions.
6A-1.082. Vacation Leave for Personnel Employed on Twelve Months Contract
6A-1.085. Basic Principles of Internal Fund Accounting (Repealed)
6A-1.087. School Board Responsible for Internal Funds (Repealed)
6A-1.091. Purchases from Internal Funds (Repealed)
6A-1.093. Florida Academic Scholars Certificate (Repealed)
6A-1.099. Cooperative Projects and Activities
6A-1.0141. Categorical Program Funds
6A-1.0143. Promotion and Public Relations Funding
6A-1.0391. Evaluation of Supplemental Educational Service Providers (Repealed)
6A-1.0402. School and District Annual Reports
6A-1.0403. Secondary School Security Programs (Repealed)
6A-1.0404. Zero Tolerance for School Related Violent Crime (Repealed)
6A-1.0421. Temporary Inability of Superintendent of Schools to Perform the Duties of Office (Repealed)
6A-1.0451. Florida Education Finance Program Student Membership Surveys
6A-1.0452. Distribution of Florida Education Finance Program Funds
6A-1.0453. Educational Program Audits
6A-1.0502. Non-certificated Instructional Personnel
6A-1.0503. Definition of Qualified Instructional Personnel
6A-1.0551. Special Qualification Salary for Elected District School Superintendents
6A-1.0691. Procedures for Appealing a District School Board Decision (Repealed)
6A-1.0941. Minimum Student Performance Standards (Repealed)
6A-1.0942. State Student Assessment Test Requirements for Graduation from High School (Repealed)
6A-1.0943. Statewide Assessment for Students with Disabilities
6A-1.0944. Access, Maintenance and Destruction of State Student Assessment Tests and Related Materials (Repealed)
6A-1.0955. Education Records
6A-1.0956. Suspension on the Basis of Felony Charges
6A-1.0985. Entry Into Kindergarten and First Grade by Out-of-State Transfer Students
6A-1.0995. Form of High School Diplomas and Certificates of Completion
6A-1.0997. Settlement of Area and Attendance Disputes Between County School Boards
6A-1.0998. Standards for Indicating Progress Toward the State Education Goals (Repealed)
6A-1.04511. Full-time Equivalent Student Membership in Basic Programs Beyond the One Hundred Eighty (180) Day School Year (Repealed)
6A-1.04513. Maintaining Auditable FTE Records (Repealed)
6A-1.04514. Exceptional Student Membership in Mainstream Programs (Repealed)
6A-1.09401. Student Performance Standards
6A-1.09412. Course Requirements - Grades K-12 Basic and Adult Secondary Programs
6A-1.09414. Course Requirements - Grades PK-12 Exceptional Student Education
6A-1.09417. Curriculum Frameworks - Lifelong Learning Noncredit Courses, Adults - High School and Non-High School Graduates (Repealed)
6A-1.09421. High School Competency Test Requirements (Repealed)
6A-1.09422. Statewide, Standardized Assessment Program Requirements
6A-1.09430. Statewide, Standardized Alternate Assessment Program Requirements
6A-1.09431. Procedures for Special Exemption from Graduation Test Requirement for Students with Disabilities Seeking a Standard High School Diploma (Repealed)
6A-1.09432. Assessment of English Language Learners
6A-1.09433. Voluntary Prekindergarten Pre- and Post-Assessments
6A-1.09441. Requirements for Programs and Courses Which are Funded Through the Florida Education Finance Program and for Which the Student May Earn Credit Toward High School Graduation
6A-1.09512. Equivalent Minimum School Term for Compulsory Attendance Purposes
6A-1.09513. Parents' Responsibility for School Attendance
6A-1.09514. Excused Absences for Religious Instruction or Holiday
6A-1.09515. Excused Absences for Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder
6A-1.09531. Minimum School Day for Emergency Situations (Repealed)
6A-1.09533. Minimum School Term, Emergencies
6A-1.09941. State Uniform Transfer of Students in Middle Grades and High School
6A-1.09942. State Uniform Transfer of Students in the Middle Grades (Repealed)
6A-1.09951. Requirements for the Florida Seal of Biliteracy Program
6A-1.09961. Graduation Requirements for Certain Students with Disabilities
6A-1.09963. High School Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities
6A-1.09981. School and District Accountability
6A-1.09982. Reporting Requirements for School Improvement and Accountability (Repealed)
6A-1.09983. Fees for Programs and Classes Not Part of Required Public Schools
6A-1.045111. Hourly Equivalent to 180-Day School Year
6A-1.094121. Mental and Emotional Health Education
6A-1.094122. Substance Use and Abuse Health Education
6A-1.094123. Child Trafficking Prevention Education
6A-1.094124. Required Instruction Reporting
6A-1.094221. Alternative Standardized Reading Assessment and Use of Student Portfolio for Good Cause Promotion
6A-1.094222. Standards for Mid-Year Promotion of Retained Third Graders
6A-1.094223. Comparative and Concordant Scores for the Statewide Assessment Program (Repealed)
6A-1.094224. Uniform Assessment Calendar Requirements
6A-1.099811. School Improvement State System of Support for Deficient and Failing Schools
6A-1.099812. Education Accountability for Department of Juvenile Justice Education Programs
6A-1.099814. Principal Autonomy Program Initiative
6A-1.099821. Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Provider Kindergarten Readiness Rate (Transferred to 6M-8.601)
6A-1.099822. School Improvement Rating for Alternative Schools.
6A-1.099823. Performance Standards for Children Participating in the Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Education Program (Transferred to 6M-8.602)
6A-1.099824. Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Provider Placed on Probation Good Cause Exemption (Transferred to 6M-8.603)
6A-1.099825. Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Curriculum Approval Process (Transferred to 6M-8.604)
6A-1.099826. VPK Staff Development Plan for Providers on Probation (Transferred to 6M-8.605)
6A-1.099827. Charter School Corrective Action and School Improvement Plans
6A-1.099828. School Accountability for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Center Schools
6A-1.0998271. Schools of Hope