6A-1.045111. Hourly Equivalent to 180-Day School Year  

Effective on Tuesday, April 25, 2017
  • 1Each school district that participates in the state appropriations for the Florida Education Finance Program shall:

    17(1) Operate all schools for a term of one hundred eighty (180) actual teaching days as prescribed by Section 361011.60(2), F.S., 38or the hourly equivalent of one hundred eighty (180) actual teaching days, determined as prescribed below:

    54(a) Kindergarten through grade 3 or in an authorized prekindergarten exceptional program: No fewer than seven hundred twenty (720) net instructional hours.

    76(b) Grades 4 through 12: No fewer than nine hundred (900) net instructional hours.

    90(2) For students who receive instruction in a school that operates for less than the minimum term, report full-time equivalent student membership proportional to the number of instructional hours provided by the school divided by the minimum term requirement as provided in Section 1331011.60(2), F.S.


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