6A-1.094124. Required Instruction Reporting  

Effective on Thursday, October 24, 2019
  • 1(1) In order to provide information about the manner in which the prescribed courses of study set forth in Section 211003.42(2), F.S., 23are provided by school districts, by 29July 1 of each year, each school district must submit a report to the Commissioner of Education that describes how instruction was provided for topics in Sections 561003.42(2)(a)-57(n) and (p)-(t), F.S., during the previous school year.

    66(2) 67This report shall contain:

    71(a) The specific courses in which instruction will be delivered for each grade level; and

    86(b) A description of the materials and resources utilized to deliver instruction.

    98(3) Failure to comply with the requirements of this rule may result in the imposition of sanctions described in Section 1181008.32, F.S.

    120Rulemaking Authority 1221001.02(2)(n), 1231003.42(2) FS. 125Law Implemented 1271003.42 FS. 129History–New 10-24-19.